6 Advises To Make Your Husband A Millionaire

women-and-moneyMoney are very important part of family life. Unfortunately, without them it is practically impossible to live. Food, housing, electricity, transportation, entertainment, clothing – everything has it’s price. And almost every woman dreams her spouse to be successful, rich and generous. But not every dreamer thinks about how to help her beloved to reach his goals. After marriage man has equal chances to become rich or poor, and a lot depends on his wife. Perhaps not everyone is destined to be a millionaire and really earn a lot of money, but a wise wife can unleash the potential of her husband and make him successful.

JiJi prepared several advices for ladies how to support and stimulate husband to earn more money!

1. Believe in your husband

http://youthpaper.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/fordmodelt.jpgThe first rule – believe, even whole world seemed to be against you. You must sincerely believe in strength and capabilities of your man. A man can practically everything if his wife believe in him. Man, even with the most stable self-esteem can not be completely sure of himself and his success, if the closest person does not believe in it. It is an axiom.
Of course, during the time of marriage, a lot of grievances and problems are accumulated, but did you thought these problems may appear due to the fact that husband does not feel your faith and support? Try to be wiser and more sensible, love husband and support him. The great example of such faith is Henry Ford and his wife, Klara. She helped him to build his first engine at night, while all friends were laughing from his ideas.

2. Praise husband

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/47/c9/f3/47c9f39b2e8231761a6700743407f456.jpgTry as often as possible to praise your husband. Do it wisely. No need to be praised for everything, but if you see that your husband tries to do something very responsible, casually tell he done that all work well, and you believe in him. Not only women love with their ears, but men too.
Psychologists point out that in order to “fix” something in man, you should affect his ego. And the beast way to do this – through praise. If you want to be a wife of billionaire, raise his self-esteem and confidence. c41290adb86c578286963567d7c18358
Husband, who is constantly praised and show his faith in his strength, will seek to even greater heights, will try to show all that he can to justify the words of his beloved. This is a very good method, but here you need to know when to stop. Praise should be a reward, not some hackneyed commonplace.

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3. Inspire him

For centuries, love to a woman, worship of beauty and tenderness, helped men to build cities, to draw pictures and to conquer the whole countries. All the great creations of any large-scale success of the business, were built on the inspiration that only woman can brought to a man. It could be a wife, a lover, or an unattainable dream.

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The first task is to create the mood of your husband to achieve something. To this end, different methods are used, as long as the man himself wanted to act. You can start with inspiration in the small daily deeds for the family well being, gradually the scale of tasks will grow, and the man will want to do more. It is not manipulation, it is a way to help men find success and prosperity. Someone has the gift of inspiration from the birth, someone acquires it quickly, and some had to work a lot to learn.

5. Cultivate his talents

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4051/4514453233_6bf6ced9b4_m.jpgYou spend a long time together and know all about your spouse? Think about what he knows best, what he likes, and do this pretty well? Try to push him to the implementation of these talents and skills. Naturally, it is also necessary to this do very carefully. Men do not like when somebody indicates, imposes them. Make it so that he came to such a decision, and it will be the best option. Do not forget to praise him, because praise is the best means and motivation to develop his skills.


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5. Look attractive

As strange as it may sound, but the appearance of wife affect the earnings of her husband. Maybe it is not a vain that near the millionaires often are beautiful and well-groomed women?
Psychologists have shown that for most men the beautiful girl is an incentive to move up the career ladder. When looking on attractive woman in a man’s brain areas responsible for self-realization activate. The unconscious mechanism starts the processes that lead to the multiplication of means. Actions are more focused and, therefore, are  more productive. Gradually, things are going better, and money becomes easier. Arrange a feast for the eyes of your husband, and be beautiful! JiJi will help you with this!


6. Do not criticize and do not humiliate


If something gone wrong – do not criticize, humiliate, and try not to nag. It is not a constructive approach to influence not only your man but also on any person. Think, when your idea is ??cutting down, you want to continue to implement it? Criticism expends precious energy that could be spent on making money and self-realization. Instead, critics try to give good advice, made in the form of recommendations. Try to advise to modify something. If it did not work for the first time, you need to try again and again. The failure – it is the next step to success!  Do not scold husband, as the child.

african-american-couple (1)

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3Cos-t6v_U8/TsWvCcSe6rI/AAAAAAAAbZ4/dUIyMXuUkDY/s1600/David+Mabilu+millionaire+julius+malema+wedding.jpgThere are brilliant, good and bad ideas. The case can develop well, or can never bring a penny of profit. To minimize the risks, consider all the nuances of the business, all ideas. If husband goes on a risky business, express your opinion carefully and gently. Tell him that you are worry and do not want him to be disappointed. Try to convince husband that there is no need to pledge your own house, or to borrow a lot of money when there are no guarantees. Even if the husband lighted a new idea that promises millions, count the cost and consider all its weaknesses. Together, you can overcome any obstacles on the road to a dream!

Help husband become more confident in himself and in his abilities. When he will feel the male power, to understand where he is going, what he wants to achieve, it will be much easier to achieve success and earn more money.


Knowing that returning his house, where a loving, beautiful and caring woman who is able to inspire him every day waits for him, he will certainly be successful, rich, and soon will make millions!

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