Easy Tips For Hair Threading

We all struggle with unwanted hairs on our body. There are a lot of different ways to get rid of them. One of the eldest – threading, that brings into a fashion again. Let’s talk about eyebrow correction with threading! Why this kind of correction become popular? Firstly, hairs become substantially  thinner in the vicinity of the eyebrows, and the number of hairs also gradually decreases. Second, using the thread you can remove multiple hairs, unlike tweezers. Third, the skin is not looks  inflamed or irritated after the process, as after the wax.

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This type of correction of eyebrows is very well suited for people with sensitive skin. So among them, this becomes a popular method of hair removal from the whole face.


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Actually it is very cheap – all you need – mirror, scissors and thread.


But for first time better visit beauty salon – it can be painful for the first procedure.

First time eyebrow threading-painful

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Well, if you are ready, let’s start threading at home!

How to do threading at home {Delhi fashion blogger}

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1. Clean face from dirt and cosmetic, moisturize skin with your favourite lotion and put moistened in hot water cotton pad for two minutes on the area where the you want to remove hairs. Then wipe with a cloth that place.

http://womensnote.ru/uploads/article/2d/2d88a662fabf8db1b93ad818682e901f_2014-05-05_09-49-58.jpg2. Take a cotton thread, it must be the average thickness. The length of the thread must be at least 50 cm. Tie the ends and make a loop. Inside these loops must insert your thumb and forefinger. If on the one hand thread fingers converge on the other side of the loop increases, and vice versa. At a time when shrinking a loop in which you put unnecessary hairs, they will pull out. This will happen rapidly, but gently and the skin will not be damaged.


Repeat this procedure once a month, but no one stops to do it more often if required by the hairs appear on your face. The only contradictions of this method are mechanic damages on your skin – burns, big cuts, inflamed acne.




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