How To Deal With Skin Aging Caused By Using Gadgets?

Can’t imagine your life without your favourite smartphone or iPhone? Be careful! They can cause some skin problems. Actually, their incorrect usage.

1. Wrinkles near eyes. To bright screen, or too long distance make you to squint. Say hello to early mimic wrinkles!
Solution: adapt your gadgets screen to your needs.

JiJi – buy and sell to real people Acne and inflammation. How often you cleanse the surface of gadget, that touches your face? And how often you touch screen with clean hands? Bacteria and dirt gather on screen and you rub them in your skin.
Solution: use screen protector film and wipe your hand and gadget with wet napkins before using.

3. Double chin and neck wrinkles. how you spend hours looking at the screen of the smartphone or blacberry, head bowed. You may have already felt the effect of this posture – there is a nagging pain in the neck and fatigue in eyes. And after a while wrinkles appear.
Solution: use smartphone in a more comfortable position to reduce the risk of wrinkles.

And don’t forget to apply moisturizing and nourishing creams!

JiJi prepared a list of most popular anti-aging products this week!

When apply your favourite cream, make mimic massage. It will improve the circulation of blood and lymph. To do this, you can visit cosmetologist or learn how to do it by yourself.  The main thing – to perform the procedure everyday. It takes only a few minutes. Already in the first month you will notice an improvement.

JiJi – we have all you need to stay beautiful!

What creams are the best? Choose products, containing fruit acids, enzymes, retinol, vitamins and antioxidants, collagen, ellastin. Good nutrition will help your skin recover faster.

Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti-ageing Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti-ageing Cream | Health and Beauty for sale in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

This gentle and caring product was designed for comprehensive anti-aging skin care. The unique of highly-effective formula improves complexion, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic.


L’ Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Cream

L' Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Cream | Health and Beauty for sale in Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

Revitalift Laser Renew from the legendary manufacturer L’Oreal Paris was developed by French specialists for complex skin care, which includes nutrition, smoothing and stimulating all natural functions. Light texture cream ideally placed on the skin and has a mild flavor, which intertwined notes of jasmine, pear and patchouli. The composition of the product contains proksilan molecule that regulates the production of collagen protein that provides elasticity of skin. Hyaluronic acid and the active element LHA normalize microcirculation and regeneration in the tissues.


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Mary Kay CC Cream

Dreaming about a perfectly face tone without the effect of the mask? This can be achieved! New unique product from the world-famous American cosmetics brand Mary Kay will give your face a natural healthy look, while restoring the skin and maintaining its youth and freshness.
Light melting texture of the CC-cream makes it easy to apply it on the skin, providing even distribution and natural look. The tool is available in several shades, of which you are sure to choose the perfect for you. Suitable for all skin types and always looks perfect.

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Pure Strawberry Powder

Pure Strawberry Powder | Health and Beauty for sale in Ikeja, Lagos, NigeriaUse your gadgets without any damages to you beauty!

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