7 Completely Womanish Things No Man Will Understand

Men & women – yin & yang: two inseparable and so much different substances. There are so many things we try to understand about each other’s nature but still some of them remain a mystery. Let’s look through some women’s things that are unbearable for a men’s mind to understand.

JiJi.ng – don’t try to understand it, just take it the way it is!

#7 – Shopping

bgjqanq3Pr8Very often you can hear men saying “if you want your girlfriend to be lost for the whole day – drive her to the mall and give her a credit card”. But I wouldn’t be so skeptical about this fact. Yes, it is indeed so and you may be making jokes of all women on Earth because of their soft spot to shopping but this is only because you don’t understand one of the special traits of women nature.

54zOTfFdDfkThey simply want to see the world around better, they are real esthetes, and it’s ok if the 10th scarf is necessary to be bought as it completely differs from the rest 9 ones. Men change clothes only when they find out it’s alert to be changed; women try to maintain the world differently beautiful with every next moment. Don’t you think this is the reason why it is interesting to keep living and observing the world?

#6 – Dissatisfaction with her appearance

sosfDhUn6Y8Be glad when she says she is not 100% satisfied with her appearance. This means she still cares about things you see when you look at her and she still has motivation to go to the gym and make her body-shape even better. When one beautiful day you see her lying like a coach potato and doing nothing to her appearance and begging no money for spa procedures, this is the emergency signal something went wrong. And for now just compliment her and make a surprise presenting a new perfume. This will help your beloved one maintain the level of her life-driving fuel to surprise you every next day.

#5 – Plucking the eyebrows

270PDyV3d-w“Earlier I had one eyebrow, now there are two of them. Just from the mathematical perspective it is better”. And this is not the only reason. Women like the process of plucking the eyebrows when extracting each of the single tiny hair and feeling the pain. But this is not just the pain; this is the charge women pay for the future beauty. That’s why it feels so sweet indeed, isn’t it crazy?

Wanna know the explanation of other weird things about women on the following page.

#4 – Opening up the mouth when painting eyelashes

80% of men don’t know the answer to this question and 20% say “it’s easier to open one’s eyes wide”. But indeed, it’s just more comfortable as the skin on one’s face strains and it helps to quickly mascara one’s eyelashes.


#3 – Women’s bag capabilities

Men won’t ever make in their mind any idea of how a smart phone, hair brush, wallet, lip stick, mirror, powder, a couple of candies, keys and a package of tights fit in this tiny bag? It seems like a bottomless pit for any men. For women it is just a tool that helps being prepared in case of emergency situation like “oh there is my ex coming, how do I look like?”


#2 – Painted nails

ODdef5dX6bsNo one knows the feeling of 1 minute going like one hour. This is when you are helplessly sitting on the coach desperately blowing on your nails to make them dry faster. And don’t dare to bother her with anything to do for the next hour if you don’t want to hear all the bad words she knows.

#1Just-shaved legs

BXqDrvjEiUENo man will ever understand that precious feeling of just-shaved legs, especially when they haven’t been shaved for a long time. Oh those amazing feelings like you have just lost several kilos. And you are so light you are this close to take off and fly up to the sky with your super-light and super-soft legs up.

Fly high with JiJi.ng

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