7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Nowadays clothes aren’t simply a necessity – they are a fun and effortless way to bring a positive change into our everyday lives, introducing new colors and leading us to new experiences. Unfortunately, clothes can also be quite expensive, especially if you consider yourself to be stylish and try to not miss a single fashion trend. With our 7 tips you will look impeccable and trendy without wasting any more money.

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1. Shop online

Online shopping is nothing new, but its benefits really come to life when it comes to shopping for clothes. With websites like JiJi you can save a whole lot of money by buying clothes, shoes and accessories from people just like you – and, compared to prices in malls and fashion stores, online shopping won’t break your bank. Shop in the comfort of your own home and find the best deals on your favorite clothing items and brands. Just imagine how much you can save!

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2. Build a basic wardrobe

While buying new trendy things is fun, there is also a certain category of clothes known as basic essentials. If you do everything right, these essentials will become your go-to clothes that you can build your style around. Classically styled shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and other items will never go out of fashion, and you can elevate any basic look with the right handbag, hat, jewelry, and other accessories, which is why your outfit will never be boring.


3. Stop chasing the trends

Everyone knows that fashion is very exciting, but it doesn’t mean that you should spend all the money you make on clothes that are very likely to go out of fashion in the next couple of years. If you truly cannot live without fashion, you can pay more attention to buying accessories from your favorite brands: not only can they transform your whole look, but they are also much more affordable than items like dresses and suits. If you avoid falling for the latest trends, you’ll gradually get a flawless fashion sense, which will change the way you dress.


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4. Know what you can save on

Buying high-quality, expensive clothes can quickly leave a considerable dent in your budget, but getting cheap items is no fun at all. The solution is simple: learn what you can splurge on, and what you can get cheap. Generally, your jeans, shoes, bags, and swimwear should have decent quality, which is rather highly prices, while basic t-shirts, shorts, socks, summer dresses can come from a more affordable source.


5. DIY is your new friend

Hold on, we’re not saying that you should make your own clothes, although if you know how to sew, your clothing options are truly unlimited. But even if you haven’t tried your hand at major sewing, learn some basic clothes repairing skills. Sewing and replacing buttons, hemming your jeans and pants is actually easier than it sounds, and can save you quite a lot of money. Knitting is another great way to make your own clothes without overpaying for them – scarves, hats, cardigans look great and are relatively easy to make.

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6. Care for your clothes

It’s no secret that clothes that are well-cared for can last you for years, so next time you’re tempted to throw your shirt into a pile of clothes, and not hang it neatly in your closet, remember that soon you’ll have to waste money on a new shirt instead of enjoying your old one. This is especially true for shoes and bags: some people wear their favorite shoes for more than a decade, under the condition that the basic care needs of the shoes are met. Clean and store your clothes carefully, and you’ll end up saving money on buying new items.


7. Shop out of season

Most clothing brands unveil a new collection every season, and usually trendy people try to get the latest pieces from their favorite brands and designers, no matter how expensive they might be. If you’re shopping for clothes on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy old, dowdy pieces – you just have to do most of your fashion shopping off-season. Buy new items several months after they’ve come out – they will still be in trend, but they will cost considerably less than they do when they are first launched by the brand.


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