7 Key Reasons Why Women Fall For Bad Guys

There is one very intriguing question that bothers all men for ages – “Why do women prefer bad guys to good ones?” Maybe there is any psychological reason or any scientific explanation. Let’s explore all of them together.

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#1: They are the way they are


It has been noticed recently that nice guys actually pretend to be better and cooler than they are indeed. Maybe they think that performing in such ways they get more chances to get a girl interested. But sooner or later the time comes and the truth will come out. As to bad boys, they don’t change their personality to accommodate whoever is in the room.

#2: They are completely unpredictable


Have you ever met a girl who’d say “I like to be with him because I always know what he will do next?” Of course, not! Women like it when there is someone who keeps them expecting for wonders and adventures. And the bad boys are the ones who do things that may pop up in their head in the most unpredictable moment.

#3: They are the rule-breakers


Women like the guys who are not burdened with the rules, borders, and other restrictions. The feeling of freedom and a bit of craziness have always attracted women. And so the bad boys are never afraid to go further the borders – the sky is the limit!

#4: They are the dominants

jSDJCyDrLi4It’s just too humiliating for them to be even a step lower than others. They are leaders by their nature, and so women instinctively seek for men who are strong enough to manage their problems and achieve the highest results.

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#5: They are sexy


Bad boys don’t care how to pretend being sexy – they are sexy. It is already written in their DNA and is the feature that turns all women on. The way they dress, talk, walk, and what facial expressions make any woman’s heart melt. Therefore, it’s completely effortless for them to pull any girl.

#6: They are forthright


No one likes walking round about. And the bad boys measure the value of their own time. They don’t waste it sitting in far corner of the bar picking up the right method to start the conversation with the girl they like – they just go and start talking. They’ve understood the value of life a long time ago and are not ready to waste it for nothing.

#7: They are passionate


If you got him interested, be prepared to get all his sexual energy and passion directed to your persona. He will buy you flowers and prepare romantic dinners. He’ll buy you scented perfumes and strikingly beautiful jewelry. There is no doubt, bad boys know how to bribe a young lady’s heart.

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