7 Steps To Your Dream Wedding

Wedding is one of the most exciting events in anyone’s life, but if you want this day to be truly memorable and special, it’s going to take some planning. Now, you may think that organizing a wedding is an exceptionally tiring and expensive task, but if you do it the right way, all you will remember is how happy and fulfilled you were on this day. Take these 8 simple steps and have a wonderful wedding that won’t break your bank.

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1. Design a budget

Like any modern adventure, planning a wedding starts with a budget. First of all you need to determine how much you and your fiancé have – it can be the money you save, a contribution from your families, a bank loan, etc. As soon as you know how much you can operate with, it makes the rest of the process more clear. Your budget should include even the smallest expenses, like invitations and flowers, so make sure not to miss anything.


2. Invite your guests

In order to know how many people your wedding is going to host, you need to inform your guests of the wedding beforehand, so that they have the time to think over your invitation and reply via RSVP. Remember that the final number of guests at your wedding may be higher than the number of RSVPs you got, because there is always a chance some guests will bring an unexpected +1, so when you’re preparing menus and plan seatings at the table, always count for more guests. However, having a destination wedding might lower your chances of wedding crashers.


3. Take full control

After all, no one is more excited about your wedding than you are, and no one wants it to go better more than you do. This is why the wedding should be mainly your responsibility. Of course, you can hire help or ask your friends and family for assistance, but at the end of the day you are the one who should be in charge. Check every step of the preparations and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion – all these workers are here for your pleasure. A wedding planning app for your smartphone will be a great help.


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4. Assign responsibilities

If you’re lucky enough, you have enough family members and friends you can trust with the preparation for your wedding. Don’t miss this opportunity: not only can you delegate some work to your confidants, but you can also save a bit of money by being friends with people who specialize at this sort of things. If you have a friend who’s an excellent baker, photographer, tailor, or makeup artist, don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance: they will likely be happy to give you the help you need.


5. Order everything beforehand

The ideal time it takes to plan a wedding is as much as a year, and if you and your sweetheart have already set a date, you can start making orders already. At the very least, 3 months should pass before you make an order and expect a delivery, particularly if you have a complicated and detailed order. Start by finding a suitable venue and booking it – everyone knows that good venues are extremely hard to find. Then move on to your wedding dress, decorations, car services, photography, and then move on to food and drinks.


6. Don’t give up to pressure

Remember – you’re not having a wedding for someone else, this day is for you to enjoy. So if any of your relatives or friends are unhappy with your choices during the preparations, tell them they can have their own weddings, but this is the one you chose for yourself. Don’t let anyone’s bad mood affect your happy day. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the wedding – it’s going to be a big day! And if anyone tries to make you solve the possible problems during the wedding itself, ignore them – it’s your day to enjoy.

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7. Enjoy yourself

There is a reason why weddings are considered to be one of the best days in anyone’s lives – it’s a day where you get to be the centre of attention, have fun, eat great food, look gorgeous, and, most importantly, marry your loved one. If, for any reason, the preparation for the wedding got the best of you, try to leave it all behind and simply enjoy this day, because even though there is life after your wedding, it’s still a very special moment that you will remember for ages, and you’re the one who can these memories as positive as possible.


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