7 Ways To Be Better At Your Computer Job

Today’s job market cannot be imagined without working on a computer. You may be writing stories, programming, creating websites, designing buildings, drawing, doing accounting or legal work – there is no way you can do most of your work duties without a computer. Since we spend the majority of our work day at a computer or laptop, learning several tips for increasing your efficiency while working will bring you great results: you’ll be able to achieve more while spending less time and effort. Ready to start?

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1. Set a daily schedule

Planning is an important component of any job, but when you’re working at a computer, scheduling becomes an essential part of your work. Set a routine for all of your daily task. Choose your priorities carefully, because if you spend a lot of time working on a minor task that is not your top priority at the moment, the more important assignment is at the risk of being unattended. You can either keep a schedule for your work in a paper journal, or use one of task planning apps for your iPhone or Android phone.


2. Take regular breaks

Working on a computer non-stop is a sure-fire way to ruin your eyesight, posture, health, or cause other kinds of problems. Besides, if you work for hours without taking a single break, your productivity and focus significantly decrease, which means you’ll be less effective at your job. Normally you should take a 5-minute break every hour. Spend these 5 minutes having a short walk, stretching, giving your eyes a rest, or talking to your co-workers.


3. Hydrate and renew your energy

Hydration is one of the best ways to ensure your productivity and maintain your health while working. Keeping a water balance in your body is sometimes a tough challenge, because drinking 2 litres of clear water every day is not easy at all when you’re juggling several tasks at once. However, you can solve this problem by setting regular reminders to have a glass of water. Set an alarm on your smartphone, telling you to drink some water every two hours, and you’ll feel much better. It’s also a good idea to keep a bowl of fruit, nuts, or other healthy snacks at hand to renew your energy between breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4. Track your progress

When you’re working for hours, days, or even weeks without seeing any real result of your work, it can crush your spirit and make you less motivated and productive. Even if you’re working on some major project, you can still find a way to see and evaluate what you have done. This is often a problem with programmers and writers who spend months completing a single piece of work. Tracking your accomplishments is a great way to restore your spirits and improve your efficiency at work.


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5. Exchange feedback with your co-workers

If you work on a project together with several other employees, a good way to know if you’re moving in the right direction is to have your co-workers evaluate your work, while you evaluate theirs in return. Having someone to look at the work you’ve done and offer you some feedback or advice on improving the work will help you get a fresh perspective on the project and will give you a lot of new ideas on how to improve the work.


6. Reward yourself

With a big project or workload, it’s easy to get lost in the job without feeling any real progress or seeing any accomplishments. We’ve already talked about establishing ways to track your progress, which depend on the kind of work you do. However, it’s also important to set little rewards, praising yourself for completing some important task or reaching a checkpoint in a project. It can be a visit to the restaurant, the new tablet or shoes you’ve been dreaming of, or even a small treat – the important thing is to reward yourself for all of the hard work you do.


7. Learn something new

No matter how good you are at your computer job, or how much you know about the work you do, there is always room for improvement. Learn new computer skills, languages, or even entire new professions by listening to online courses or attending classes and courses in your local centre. You can always find a couple of free hours a day to learn a new skill instead of watching a movie, so study whenever you can and you’ll see how much it can benefit your work.


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