7 Worrior Traits Women Search For In Men

There are lots of traits women find attractive in men and vice versa. But no woman will stand before the real warrior. So what are those unique traits real warriors possess?

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1) Knowing the purpose

There is nothing more mind-bending for women than the man who knows what he wants. Moreover, the real warrior knows and goes for it without a stop.


There are also lots of men who do what they were told or taught to do. But the real warriors listen to their hearts and follow their natural calling.

2) Protecting capabilities

For women it is not essential that a man has protecting capabilities just because they are the “weaker part” of this world. It’s just about the feeling of safety every woman seeks for in their man. Real warriors had always been watching their health properly and maintained their muscles strong and their body-shape perfect. These visual characteristics were the ones to point out on their strength and ability to protect their women and their families.


3) Reliability

Real warriors are as good as their word. They don’t talk to the wind and if promised something, go and do it. The circumstances do not matter for the real warriors. If he promised you to be at 7 for the dinner, it won’t stop him if he got stuck in traffic. He will make a deal with a passing-by motorcyclist to get him home in time or will walk by his own foot because he is a warrior and he knows that if he wants to have something (that is your trust) he should fight for it.


4) Confidence

Women like men who are confident. When you’re sure of yourself and your actions reflect it, women will be naturally drawn to you. Women are attracted to men who know they’re great. And so the real warriors do know they are worth enough to have the woman they’ve always wanted.


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5) Earning potential

No matter what women say it is important for each one of them if you are a successful person. The potential for career growth is one of the traits that attract women as it is a pointer you will be a good provider. For what it’s worth, a capability to find a good job and get high salary is the trait of a person who thrives for big achievements. And these are the people to be called real warriors.


6) Honesty

6True warriors fight for what they want honestly. They don’t break the rules and don’t find a way around. They are self-confident enough to believe in their own strength and that they can achieve any desired goal – whether it is a good job position, a new car, or a woman they have dreamt about.

7) Intellect

7The most difficult fight is the one with oneself. And we all know how hard it is to make yourself learn something – whether it is a foreign language, a human psychology or the courses of programming. In order to become a self-reliant person the first thing you should earn is your own intellect and your own knowledge. Conquer your own laziness and go conquering the world.

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