9 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You’re On The Right Path

There are things that make us feel extremely uncomfortable when entering our lives. But it doesn’t always mean we should be afraid or scared. In most cases, such things bring changes into our lives and those changes are meant to be positive.

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#1 – Life-changing events

i5ZQwG8wFDEAll of the sudden your car breaks down, or you get fired, or find your wife in bed with another man? There is no time for worries as the big moment of great changes has come.

#2 – Getting further from the people you once called your friends

Qxe6Ba6aSWcIf you start setting yourself apart from the people you used to call your friends, then you must be feeling something negative about these people. You instinctively start avoiding them, therefore getting rid of the negative aura around you.

#3 – Your thoughts are your worst enemies

SUPO_4xXE0ENow you fully understand all the importance of your own thoughts. You understand that they indeed may be material. You understand that your thoughts create your mood therefore influencing your everyday activity. And the activities you perform build up your life.

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#4 – Things you dreamed of are collapsing

th8RvGJTBW0And they do so because they are not the things you’ve always desired actually. They are just phantoms of your imagination and nothing more. And be sure when you start losing your fault dreams, the ones that really have power to change your life will replace them.

#5 – Realizing how much is still ahead

fQjIOC5cNwUYou might get frightened of how much work you still have to do and what a long path to walk. And this is the exact moment when you begin being truly conscious about your life. There are no limits for learning and improving yourself. So get rid of the laziness and work hard for the sake of your better future.

#6 – Knowing things you don’t actually want to know

_Uf71gEn6WQWearing pink glasses sometimes is good for our mental health; it protects us from absorbing the reality and all of its negative aspects. But when your mind feels ready to face the negativity that surrounds us, it lets you open up your eyes and see the world as it is. And there is nothing bad about it; all you should do in such moments is to learn how to deal with the new state of things.

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#7 – Realizing that you are the only one responsible for your own good

sSMaVtMmvrYAnd this is quite terrifying as if you mess up, you are the only one responsible. And there is no other person to blame. This is the moment when you become a grown-up so accept this reality and be careful when making decisions.

#8 – Having a radical necessity to speak up for yourself

CZ6RN_zLC-sAre you feeling angry about letting other voices soak into your brain and impose there their own order? Are you feeling like your own thoughts haven’t been expressed but it’s essential for you to make others listen? Stand up and speak! Satisfy your soul’s needs, don’t be shy to possess your own opinion.

#9 – Having a need to spend some time alone

AqOnlDN-5HAIt is normal that other people’s problems and issues might drain you. And it is okay that you need your system to reload and your battery to recharge. That’s why spending some time in the company of yourself is the best way out. Meditate, do yoga, read a book, or go shopping – live a bit for yourself.

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