What Your Bedroom Can Tell About You?

Bedroom is the most visited room in the house. It is a secret place, where you rest from the rest of the world. And it keeps a lot of secrets!

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It can tell about your childhood – probably you keep some memorable thing near you. Looking on bedroom, you can say, are you artistic person and like chaos, or just lazy sloven (Yes, there is a difference). Bedroom of single people, even with big bed differs from couple’s one. It can say do you like to read, or prefer to surf Internet before sleeping.


There are a few people, who furnish bedroom at once. Usually,  after few years sleeping on sofa, you bought a bed, then put some table near head. Then you find stand lamp and pretty chairs. Oh, time to change curtains! Then you want to change carpet. So, your bedroom changing. You put souvenirs on shelves, photos and pictures on the wall.


And how about to change all furniture? Do not hurry! With JiJi you can create interior that will suit to your lifestyle and will express you personality! If you want to improve yourself – change your surroundings.and start with your bedroom. Get rid of old uncomfortable mattress, add more helpful things. Want to start go in for sports? Buy dumbbells, put them near your favourite chair and train everytime you are waiting for something. Want to normalize weight -put scales near bed. Want to pump up your butt? Put some motivation poster on the wall. Start changing! But before appreciate today’s set of cool bedroom designs!



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Bedroom interior means a lot. If it is depressive, gloomy – your emotions also be depressive. Opposite, bright, cozy interior will calm you and assuage daily stress.


Make your bedroom a relaxing place together with JiJi!




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If you want to be successful – keep your house, especially bedroom in order. Of A little chaos doesn’t bother you – it’s great, but never allow dust a chance!


Every time you clean your room – clean your mind from all negative emotions. Sell things you don’t use more than year put things on their places. We know this rules from childhood. But when you stop to follow them – your bedroom become dump.


Clothes all over the room, candy wrapper under bed, empty cups on table – they appear when you are in depression, but if such stuff become a habit, your self esteem will lower.


Don’t miss next page!But if you acquire new good habits, your life become brighter. Every big thing start from decision and a little effort can give the power for further changes! Answer yourself, are you ready to start?





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