Everyday Work: 10 Trends How It Will Change

The world we see today is changing with every minute. We may not recognize it, but the human beings are changing physically and mentally. The way we lead our lives is also changing and so does the area of our occupation. Read about 10 trends in our everyday work that will happen in 2016.

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1) Remote work

8qsmWejePukModern technologies will make everything possible to bring more and more of the remote communication into lives of the ordinary employees.  Very soon you may not even come out of your own home and earn money lying in bed under the blanket.

2) Flexible schedule

5nU_bUhdatEThe 9-to-6 hours day will be interchanged into the schedule with more flexible working hours. The most important thing is to follow the deadlines and send the reports about the work you’ve done to your boss in time.

3) Generation Y will be controlling more

OHhK1DVGQ70The millennium generation or those who were born in 80th and later will proceed in career ladder. 2016 is a favorable year for hard workers as they will be recognized by their bosses and will get higher positions.

4) Balance between work and private life

Faj4vdh-D6EThe companies will value the private life of their employees more as they want them be more productive at work. Consequently, if you know your boss appreciates you as a person who may have their own needs that do not regard to company’s issues, then you must be more motivated to get all your tasks done following all the deadlines.

5) Diversity

iVAWdzCMoLEThe diversity among the employees will be estimated as an advantage of the company. Different age, sex, national and religious backgrounds – all of this leads to the diversity of minds and brings the atmosphere of the creativity to the higher levels.

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6) More of detailed analysis

1zmUDkNyMxwThe companies will become smarter as to the instruments and applications they are using. They will also look more closely at the devices they use for their daily communications. The data exchange has been always on an important place in business, but this year it’s going to take the top one.

7) Transparency

pABipCA59FcMore and more of the information is becoming accessible for almost anyone on Earth. People understand that forewarned is forearmed. And in 2016 this specialty will become a trend.

8) Empowered employees

apA83WfewVcThe employees will be delegated more powers and much trust will be provided to them in the process of decision-making.

9) Social responsibility

bdShYajyYoMThe companies will understand more and more the importance of helping others, the importance of volunteering work. And so they will establish more and more social programs for their employees and for those who are in need.

10) Permanent improvement

PmD9ZOYZy2sThe companies and their teams will analyze the ways of cooperation improvement – how to increase the productivity and efficiency of their work. This regards both the professional and psychological aspects.

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