Inspecting Your Future Home: What To Look For

Buying or renting a new house or apartment is a very complex process that includes a lot of steps, from finding your new property on JiJi to signing the final documents. However, there are certain steps that cannot be missed under any circumstances. One of those steps is the initial inspection of the house or apartment, aimed at a realistic assessment of the property, determining its positive and negative qualities, and deciding whether you want that property or not. Today, together with us, you will learn about the most effective way to inspect your future home, so that you don’t miss even the smallest details.

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1. Take your time

The process of buying property should not be rushed, especially the part where you inspect the property for possible issues. Schedule the viewing wisely, so that both you and your real estate agent or property owner have at least an hour to view every part of the house. It’s best to take your friend, family member, partner, or a real estate specialist with you – that way the viewing will be more effective and will be finished sooner.


2. Don’t skip any area

Often real estate agents will not you see a room, closet, or other area in the house, claiming they don’t have the keys, or the owners forbid them from letting viewers in this particular area. Don’t agree to those conditions: you should either demand for the area to be shown to you, or leave without hesitation. There is likely a reason for not showing that room to you, and this reason is usually the poor condition of the room, which you would otherwise find out about only after purchasing the property.


3. Need for renovation

You will hardly find a 100% ideal piece of property in today’s Nigerian real estate market. Most houses and apartments require some sort of renovation. The question is whether it will be a minor repair or a complete remodelling of the plumbing, electricity, or other components of the building. This kind of detailed inspection is more effective when you take a builder, plumber, or electrician with you, so that they could tell you what needs to be done and how much the repair is going to cost. Only after you’ve calculated the renovation expenses, you can decide whether you want this property, or not.


4. Listen to your senses

A house inspection is a rather stressful time, and sometimes your eyesight can miss a few major details. This is where your other senses come in handy! If you detect an unpleasant smell during the viewing, don’t brush it off and look for the source of the smell – it can come from a malfunctioning plumbing unit, a dumpster, a moldy patch on the wall, etc. If you hear cracking noises while moving around the house, they can signal problems with the property’s flooring or foundation. It’s clear that your eyes can tell you a lot, but your other senses can also be very helpful.


5. Neighbourhood check

If you know exactly which area you want to live in, you probably know everything about its infrastructure: transportation, schools, hospitals, shopping locations, etc. But what about your future neighbourhood? Who are the people you’re going to live next to? Is it safe to move around the neighbourhood at night? What are the things you should know as a future member of the local community? These questions should be answered during the initial viewing of the property. The good idea is to pay a visit to your future neighbours after you’ve viewed the house and ask them directly about the neighbourhood. You can also go online, find the members of the community, and ask them a few questions.


6. Documents check

Every real estate deal features a large number of documents that both parties should carefully read and sign. If you don’t have any legal experience and want to avoid any unwanted consequences of signing the papers you don’t entirely understand, hire a lawyer and ask him to review the documents for you. Only after the lawyer has verified the papers, you can move on to paying the money for the property and signing the remaining paperwork.


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