Little Boy + Big Dog = Fun!

Stasha Becker (@northwestmommy) enjoys to make photos with her son and dogs. Newfoundlands Max and Bruse are bigger than a boy, but there are so much love and friendship between them!

They creatively congratulate with Christmas and New Year!

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They like to hug!

They know how to be cool!*P7QXFvDQnGRNFKqyHr2Aq0EEi3j*CMQRr23STprU6C8CMUlHOv*PS1b4ATs0Lczyp2zMh4gHxabxB/northwestmommy1.jpg*3iarzv8tDnD0pliRYHdVVWzVCOgmbPpbiBhY0P1uoEmC-qA3eH9S-kLwtqcPW2Gfvw9DNWIOWeqdbTDG3-g/1082119121.jpeg

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