To Make 29 Sqm A Luxury Dwelling Is Possible!

You think your flat is small? Want to live with chick, but have no idea where to get additional money?

Well, with JiJi you can renovate your 29 sqm dwelling to make it worthy of first page in glossy magazine!

We gathered sevral interior variants just for you!

Want to know how to make such pretty with your own dwelling? Follow next page!

1. Choose light colors and use them in whole design. If you want to accent some details – you can use right one, but do not make too much accents!

2. Illumination. Hide lamps in false walls, tray ceiling, floor cover. Add more mirrors to extend space!

3. Zone everything! For zoning use tables, shelves, cupboards, false walls with hidden drawers – they will help you to store things without blocking up all space.

This simply advises was used to create interior from next page!

Classic decor, tender colors and good furniture – that’s all secrets! And all of this you can find on JiJi!

Improve your life with JiJi!