Nailed It! Most Affordable Cars In 2015

Having your own car is not only pleasant but also useful and profitable.


The main thing is that if you can’t afford an expensive car, you should choose a really inexpensive and cost-effective car!


Here we present a chart of the most inexpensive cars in 2015 – especially for those who want to drive a car but do not want to go into debt!


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This supermini is the ideal solution for city driving for reasonable money.

TATA Nano 2

The concept of the model is a harmony of high technology along with small dimensions. To achieve this level of price, the manufacturer had to make this car quite primitive:

  • engine – twin-cylinder petrol, 624 CC, 38 HP;
  • the trunk of the car can be opened only from the inside;
  • one janitor instead of two;
  • no power steering;
  • the three captive screws on each chassis instead of the traditional four;
  • no external fuel filler (for charging you need to open the hood).

TATA Nano 3

TATA Nano 6

TATA Nano is fitted with 4-speed manual gearbox.

According to Ratana Tata (representative of the brand), the car managed to pass all the crash tests and meets safety standards.



According to many experienced drivers – this option is better than the low-budget Toyota, Kia or Nissan models.

TATA Nano 5

TATA Nano 7

The average cost – $2,500.

2015 TATA Nano GenX AMT – First Drive Review

Continuing with its fashion of upgrading the Nano almost every year, Tata has now given its entry-level city car an automated transmission (AMT) and an openable hatch. Jamshed drove the car at Tata’s test track in Pune. Watch the video to know what he thinks of it.

Bajaj RE60

The Indian company Bajaj is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles: annual production reaches four million pieces.

Bajaj RE60 8

New creation of Indian auto constructors claims to be the cheapest car in the world.

Bajaj RE60 4

Bajaj RE60 1

Bajaj Qute is almost identical to the original Tattoo Nano: high mono volume body, small chassis, almost missing trunk (44 liters) with the access through the cabin and engine located above the rear axle.

The car can put up 4 passengers.

Bajaj RE60 3

Bajaj RE60 5

Bajaj RE60 2

Single cylinder petrol, 216 “cubes” develops 13.5 HP, meet the standards of Euro-3, works in a tandem with a motorcycle five-speed sequential gearbox, and disperses Qute with weight of less than 400 kg up to 70 km/h. Soon there may appear versions running on methane and propane.

Bajaj RE60 7

Steel body, but the roof is made out of plastic. Auto is only on palm longer than Smart, and is narrower than it on 250 mm!

Bajaj factory in Aurangabad is capable to produce 60 thousand of such cars per year. Initially they will be delivered in 16 countries in Asia and Africa like Nigeria and Egypt.

Bajaj RE60 6

Average cost – $1000.

Bajaj Qute Car India Expected Launch: Feb 2019, Price: ₹ 2 Lakh

Mileage Petrol : 35 km/l* CNG : 43 km/kg* Bajaj Qute Car India Expected Launch: Feb 2019 Expected Price: ₹ 2 Lakh The Bajaj Qute will finally be available for sale in India, though the company already exports the quadricycle to other markets.

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Chery QQ

Front-wheel-drive hatchback of “A” class is an exact copy of the Daewoo Matiz, brought to the ascetic minimalism, and this fact makes its price.

Chery QQ 5

Compared to the previous generation much has changed – from appearance to interior.

The exterior was dramatically redrawn – new bumper, hood, headlights, side panels.

Picture 350

Chery QQ 3

Chery QQ 2

Salon received a central console, other door cards and new details. Also, there is an impressive selection of color schemes.

The Chery QQ has 1.0-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine that gives out 69 HP power at 6000 rpm and 93 nm of torque in the range from 3500 to 4500 RPM. Motor runs in pair with a 5-speed manual transmission, consuming about 5.3 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Chery QQ 1

Maximum speed is 150 km/h.

Chery QQ 6

Chery QQ 7

Average cost $4,700.

Mobius One

If the Tata Nano is a car firstly for India, the car that has a name of Mobius One was created for use on the African continent. For their money drivers receive a simple vehicle, which has no air conditioning, luxurious interior and even the majority of window glass (it has only a front one).

Mobius One 1

Sturdy monocoque frame serves as a skeleton of a car. Integrated safety frame is created to protect passengers in case of an accident in impassable terrain.

Mobius One 4

Mobius One 6

Mobius One 2

Mobius One 3

Mobius One car is not created to proudly drive around the district, emphasizing your high social status. This is a car-worker for the African terrain, for the poor inhabitants of the black continent, who appreciate functionality and cheapness rather than a comfort.

Mobius One 5

Mobius One 7

Average cost – $6,000.


No Description

Daewoo Matiz

In Europe the model is loved for its attractive exterior, and for the compact body and very economical motor. Low fuel consumption, the ability to squeeze into any hole and, finally, easy parking are something that is appreciated always and everywhere.

Daewoo Matiz 5

Daewoo Matiz 3

Daewoo Matiz 2

Daewoo Matiz 7

In 2015 year the company reduced the already low price on the base model M19 Lite. Now, in the nude, without air conditioning, the car is worth about $ 3500. The car has the same old 0.8-litre petrol motor with capacity of 63 HP, and five-speed manual transmission.

Daewoo Matiz 4

Daewoo Matiz 6

Average cost – $3500.

Daewoo Matiz SE Plus Review – With Richard Hammond (2002)

Richard Hammond takes to the road in a Daewoo Matiz, looking closely at its performance, practicality, and style. The Matiz sports an 800cc engine, does 0-60 in 17 seconds, has a top speed of 89 MPH, and averages 46.3 MPG.


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