Natural Ways To Enhance Your Butt

Nature doesn`t give luxurious forms to every woman. To some it gives tolerance, to others – a crystal clear mind.

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But you still want more – you are looking at yourself in the mirror and look for the optimal ways to get those sweet curves!)). To do so you don`t need to risk and go for hormone products and other modern medical stuff. We have already written about magical Maca powder.


Yeah, it is true that you can get a “3D” butt using natural products and making right exercises.

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Same butt – different day? Here’s the answer!!


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“Cat Walk” – let your Kitty be your teacher


Characteristic gait of professional models can help you make substantial adjustments in posture and in the way others see you. Apart from the fact that such a gait visually increases the buttocks and thighs, it trains particular muscles, which will actually enlarge your butt. Finally, this gait will give your waistline a slim silhouette, against which even “flat butt” will look three-dimensional.

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Just put one foot before the other on a single line:

  • heel and toe should be almost at the same line when you walk;
  • feet moves first, then the torso;
  • stride length should match the length of your feet without a shoe.

Kate Moss Catwalk Compilation

The one and only Kate Moss saunters down the catwalk. Footage circa 1994/1995. Designers include Gianni Versace, Anna Sui, Karl Lagerfeld and a few others.

Proper wardrobe, special clothing with inserts and thinning the waist is playing with contrasts

In order to attract attention to your butt, you should work on your waist – this way you will create contrast between these two zones.

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Buy yourself special shaping clothing corsets, special butt lifters wearing them on top of some light clothing.

Rightfully chosen jeans can make magic as well. Or you can choose jeggins with rear small high pockets. Also, you can try high-waisted jeans of white or light blue colors.

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If you want your butt was big this evening, you will need special wear that has special gel inserts in particular places. There are companies that produce jeans with “butt shape enhancers”. Now you can shine in public and pick up the sexiest macho.

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A Guide To Waist Trainers & Body Shapers | Jaz Jackson

A Guide To Waist Trainers & Body Shapers: Colorful Zebra Waist Trainer – (Large) Black 3 Clamp Waist Trainer – (Large) Zipper Waist Trainer – (Large) Invisible High Waist Shaper – – (Large) Full Body Shaper – (Medium) *FULL BODY SHAPER IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Wear high heels more often

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It is stiletto heel – the sexiest version of heels – that modifies the natural curvature of spine, aligns posture, raises the buttocks, pulling a silhouette and makes ladies visually slimmer. Wearing high heel shoes, you will always look slimmer and more gracious.

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Heels 3

How To Walk in High Heels

Learn to walk in high heels with ease. Runway model Spankie shows you how to walk sexy and confident in high heels, wedges and platform stilettos. Great tips. heels shown: Pink pumps: Dress Sandal: Jeans: Music by: Spankie Valentine “The Fashion”

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Pay attention to nutrition

In order “to grow” your butt, you need to consume more protein.

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There is a common misconception that only bodybuilders should consume many foods containing protein. When actually this rule works for everybody: if you dream to “become bigger there”, you need some building blocks for growth. You should intake protein with each meal.

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fresh trout, vegetables, lemon, olive oil and spices on a cutting board on a white background close-up; Shutterstock ID 126063212; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post

There is no best source of protein. There is no particular food, which will make your buttocks grow immediately. However, to run the processes of ‘growth”, you need to stick to a particular diet. So, what is the diet?

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Main protein sources:

As for carbohydrates, the best would be:

  • brown rice;
  • sweet potato;
  • cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat, barley;
  • whole seed bread;
  • muesli and cereals without sugar.

Healthy fats would be:

  • fish oil (in capsules);
  • Extra Virgin olive oil;
  • Saffron, almond and linseed oil
  • Nuts – almond, cashew, walnut;
  • Red fish – trout and salmon.

And of course try to make simple workouts for butt enlargement every day:

Home Butt Workout – Full Length 15 Minutes

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And even though your butt won`t change a lot in a month, you won`t ruin your health with doubtful hormone pills and supplements!


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