Latest Technologies That Will Save Your Life!

Multicopters arriving faster than the ambulance, headsets that keep you from falling asleep at the wheel, the fastest and the most efficient search of blood donors, airbags worn on the hips – today this is not a fantasy, this is a reality. It surrounds us and it can save our live!


Go on reading about the freshest mobile applications and devices that save lives every single day!








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SaveMePro: alarming SOS button

The author of the most simple and quickly running application is a 12-year-old boy, Dylan Pussetti.

SaveMePro 2

The app turns your smartphone into an alarming button for calling a help. This really simplifies this process in complex situations and conditions. All you need to do is to press Power button 8 times – you don`t need to unlock your smartphone. The SOS message will be sent to any three contacts at a time.

SaveMePro 3

For 99 cents you can upgrade an application – it will track your phone’s location via GPS.

SaveMePro 1

12-year-old boy invents “Save Me” app

Dylan Puccetti of Galveston, Texas, inventor of the SaveMePro app on Morning Express 9/12/14.

Download SaveMePro app:

[appbox googleplay com.yoapp.savemepro&hl simple]

Blood of Hope: donor nearby!

As a result of accidents, political protests and terrorist attacks in Thailand, annually thousands of people die due to lack of blood donors.

Blood of Hope 4

In response to this problem, AIS, the largest mobile operator in Thailand decided to conduct CSR campaign to raise interest in the brand. AIS presented social network for donors – Blood of Hope, which is able to turn every smartphone into a platform that saves lives.

Blood of Hope 1

When registering, you must specify your blood group. In case of emergency, suitable donors will be notified through an application asking to donate blood. Then they will see the nearest hospital, where they make their “donations”.

Blood of Hope 2

World social organizations announced about the need to repeat this experience in their own countries.

Blood of Hope 3

Download Blood of Hope app:

[appbox appstore 859212530?mt=8 simple]

Download analogous app for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.mybloodforyou.main simple]

Uepaa: once upon a time in the mountains

The Swiss application allows you to call the rescue if you are out of reach. For example, in the Alps.

Uepaa 4

The app doesn`t need a mobile operator: it uses other smartphone with this app for transmitting data. But the signal is sent only for distances up to 450 meters.

Uepaa 3

Uepaa 2

The application uses smartphone accelerometer and gyroscope, so that if the user doesn`t move for a long time, it will notify all available devices about that. For reinsurance, you can send relatives your route in online mode.

Uepaa 1

The Uepaa! App – How mobile safety works

Uepaa! turns smartphones into life-saving tracking, alerting and rescue devices. Protect yourself – Rescue others and download the free app that could save your life: This video explains the app features which are free of charge. About Uepaa AG: the Peer-to-Peer communication pioneer for mobile devices.

Download Uepaa app:

[appbox appstore 563252812?l=en&mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

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Active protection against impact crash

You can`t always wear car airbags with you. Maybe that is the reason why we often get injuries while hiking?

ActiveProtective 1

ActiveProtective technology helps to solve the problem: during the fall, the system is activated, and containers, worn on the hips (the most common place of hit during the fall) inflate automatically.

For the elderly people and patients with osteoporosis this technology is a real find. Fracture of the tibia at the age “50+” is a huge problem.

ActiveProtective 2

So, if you wanna give yourself a parachute jump on the fiftieth anniversary, put ActiveProtective on and go ahead!

Wearable airbag protects elderly people from falls

A medical startup has developed a wearable light airbag to protect elderly people from falls, that will be presented at TEDMED in Washington on September 10-12. ActiveProtective’s belt-like device has sensors that are able to detect when a fall occurs, instantly triggering an airbag that protects the wearer’s hips.

TU Delft Ambulance Drone is faster than any ambulance

Alec Momont created multicopter that will arrive faster than health care professional, who will get into traffic jams. It is able to lift up to 4 kg of weight, it places all necessary for the first aid items: defibrillator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation device, first aid set.

TU Delft Ambulance Drone 2

The main thing is that somebody was near you. Web camera integrated into the drone gives health care professionals a possibility to lead the person at the time of emergency action.

TU Delft Ambulance Drone 1

TU Delft Ambulance Drone 4

TU Delft Ambulance Drone 3

The project is funded by the Living Tomorrow, in the next 5 years it is planned to establish serial production of rescue drones.

TU Delft Ambulance Drone 5


Vigo won`t let you sleep at the wheel

Kickstarter got a new project – Bluetooth headset Vigo, created to alert the user about his excessive sleepiness. Drivers often fail to notice how they immerse in intermittent sleep at the wheel, which in most cases leads to an accident.

Vigo 1

Vigo compares data of the user’s activity with its own activity: gadget evaluates 20 blinking parameters and tracks movements of the eyelids and head in real time. It uses infrared sensor, accelerometer and its own unique algorithm for tracking patterns in user`s movements.

Vigo 6

Vigo 3

If the impulses of the body weaken, and the energy level drops, the gadget reacts with vibration, flashing led or music from user`s smartphone through the headphones.

Vigo 2

Vigo 5

Currently, the campaign collected $ 38 000 of $ 50,000. You can pre-order the device for $ 59.

Meet Vigo, the very first energy gauge – for you.

Staying alert is tough – Vigo can help. Vigo is a wearable device that tracks your alertness over time and nudges you when you’re drowsy. Pre-order on Kickstarter here:

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