5 Easy Tips For Plastic Windows Care

Plastic windows are really great invention of modern building. They are hermetic, easy to use, have durable exploitation time. But every thing requires care. JiJi prepared easy care tips for plastic windows that will no take a lot of time, but enhance window look and exploitation term.


1. Regular cleaning. If you use air-conditioning unit, appears condensate. Plastic can be moldy, and it can cause different diseases. Use special cleaning chemicals for plastic and glas, soap or vinegar to clean dirt and mould.


2. Clean not only visible surfaces, but junctions too.


3. Use soft cloth for polishing.


4. Twice a year apply silicone grease for rubber parts – it will save them and  maintain firmness and elasticity.


5. Replace small parts and repair windows in time, and they will be in use for decades.

Easy, but proven! As well as buying with JiJi!