Sell Your Old Stuff Quickly And Effectively

There is a simple rule we learn from the early years: you can’t buy something new unless you sell something old. First, selling your old and unwanted things gives you that extra income you need. Second, getting rid of the stuff you no longer use lets you have more free space in your home. And third, selling old items is simply a fun thing to do and doesn’t require any special skills. Today you’ll learn the most effective ways to turn your dated stuff into money.

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Step 1: Find the stuff to sell

Getting rid of clutter in your house is always a good idea – saving too many things eventually makes your place seem smaller and more crowded; besides, if every closet and chest in your home is already occupied by old things, where will you put the new ones? Have a major cleaning at least twice a year, and whenever you discover a dress you haven’t worn in over three years, a microwave oven your family no longer uses, or your old tablet PC, think about reselling them online.


Step 2: Determine the price

The first thing to do when you’re selling things you don’t need anymore is to monitor the prices for similar items in the similar condition. For example, if you’re planning to sell a 10-year old Toyota, first go online and see how much your car can cost. Calculate the average number and set it as your price. Don’t forget to include another aspect into your price calculation: how much will it cost to replace the thing you’re about to sell? If the price for the replacement product is too high, maybe you should reconsider selling that particular thing.


Step 3: What about a yard sale?

Yard sales are a super effective, easy and profitable way to get rid of lots of stuff. This is especially useful when you’re moving between homes and don’t want to overpay the movers for taking the old and useless things from one place to another. Advertise your yard sale among your neighbours and members of the local community, set a day, and sell away! Here is what sells especially well during yard sales: clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, furniture, and garden items.


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Step 4: Selling expensive items

If you plan to sell costly things like property, cars, or jewellery, you may need some help there. First, with expensive items it’s sometimes hard to determine a fair price, so you might take the jewellery to a professional jeweller for an appraising. As for property, you can sell it on your own, but you’re more likely to achieve a desired result if you work with a real estate agent, who will not only find a suitable price, but will also take you through the complicated selling process. The same goes for cars – it’s possible to sell the car alone, but you’ll be better off working with an agent.

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Step 5: Selling clothes

The most effective way to sell your old clothes and shoes is to do it online. Luckily, with websites like JiJi you can sell virtually anything. All it takes is a few simple steps: take high quality of your clothes (preferably on a person), write an attractive and attention-grabbing headline and description, post your free ad, and wait for people to contact you with offers. Don’t forget to include the sizes and measurements in your ad, as well as the condition of the item, so that buyers know exactly what they’re paying for.


Step 6: Promote your ads

It doesn’t matter what you want to sell online – a little promotion has never hurt anybody. Use your social media accounts to make the selling process even more effective. Post links to your ads on JiJi to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, and ask your friends and family to share your posts – you’ll notice how quickly your ads will become much more popular, and new buyers will be contacting you all the time. Use the modern obsession with social networking to your advantage by selling your old stuff faster and more effectively!


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