Stop Believing In These 7 Popular Tech Myths

Technology has an increasingly important role in our society and affects every part of our lives. However, there are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding the tech world, and these myths send out a wrong message about the ways technology works. Get rid of misconceptions and find out the truth as we debunk 7 popular tech myths.

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Myth #1: You can’t leave your phone to charge at night

A lot of people believe that leaving your phone plugged in overnight kills your battery, but this myth is completely unfounded. There is no evidence that charging your phone during the night damages your phone or battery in any way. Most of the modern devices like smartphones and tablets are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that automatically stop charging once they are fully charged.


Myth #2: More megapixels = better camera

Many buyers pay a lot of attention to the number of megapixels in a phone or other device they are planning to buy, but the truth is that you will hardly notice the difference between an 8MP and 12MP camera, so it makes little sense to overpay for more megapixels hoping they will make your photographs better. There are a lot of other qualities influencing the photo’s quality, so don’t pay too much attention to these numbers.


Myth #3: You can’t use your iPad charger with your iPhone

If you’re a lucky owner of both an iPad and iPhone, you have probably heard the opinion that charging the iPhone with an iPad charger can be damaging for both the device and the charger. However, like many myths on this list, this one has absolutely no foundation. Even Apple’s official website says the iPad’s charger can be used for charging any other Apple device, so next time you can’t find your iPhone charger, take the iPad charger and don’t worry about anything.


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Myth #4: More signal bars = better service

Every smartphone, whether it’s Android or iPhone, has those little bars that indicate the cell reception, and while many owners believe that a bigger number of bars mean better service, but in fact it’s not guaranteed at all. What the signal bars really mean is how close you are to the nearest cell tower, but since there are other factors influencing the reception, you can’t count on the signal bars as the only reception level indicator.


Myth #5: You shouldn’t keep your laptop always plugged in

This myth is partially true, but only if you own a laptop that is several years old and runs on nickel-metal-hydride battery – those laptops should only be plugged in when the battery has almost died. However, if you operate a newer laptop, like Lenovo, Sony, or HP, with a lithium-ion battery, and your laptop has battery-managing software, you can leave the laptop plugged in for as long as you want – it won’t do any damage to the laptop’s battery.


Myth #6: Deleted files cannot be recovered

You’ll be pleased to learn that even after you put a file into the Recycle Bin and empty it, the physical file doesn’t go anywhere until the space occupied by the file on the hard drive gets overwritten by a new file. For this reason, if you deleted the file by accident and need to get it back, you’ll need to use special software, and if you want the file to be deleted completely, you’re going to need Sdelete, a free app that lets you finalize the deletion of the files.


Myth #7: Mobile phone is bad for your health

Ever since mobile phones appeared in our lives, they have been surrounded by hundreds of myths, the most popular one being that cell phones cause brain cancer. While you shouldn’t keep your mobile phones near your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is still nothing more than just a myth and will not increase your chances of getting a disease. Take necessary precautions and your health will be just fine!


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