Top 10 Best Global Companies To Work For In 2016

Numerous researches have been done on distinguishing top 10 best global companies to work for in 2016. So read about all of them and find the one where to build your career. – only the best jobs available!

The rankings of the companies have been done using such characteristics as the average salary, number of employees, working conditions, and a possibility to work remotely from any place in the world. The companies listed above have also some special characteristics that distinguish each one of them.

#10 – Bain & Company

2The global company specializing on business services has earned its place in our ranking due to “incredible culture and incredible people” who possess a rare feature of humility that is so uncommon for consulting companies. As one of reviewers said, “Everyone at Bain is the type of person you’d want to be friends with and go hang out with on a Saturday night.”

1Besides, company’s aims are to satisfy its customers’ personal needs and to do exactly what was required. There is a special friendly atmosphere among staff that helps them work more effectively.

#9 – Nestlé Purina Petcare

4This company is the real representative of employees’ dedication to their work. They don’t just produce food for pets but participate in numerous kinds of events like Petcare Pride Day when the dogs and their owners are gathered and all of them do cleaning up together through different kinds of fun activities.

3Or there are charity events organized like PurinaOne Shelter Program with 20 sheltering organizations feeding all the pets that pass through their doors and helping them market their pets better so more of them can find homes.

#8 – Chevron

This company is specialized on oils, gas, energy and utilities. But its main purpose is to keep its employees’ energy and well-being up. Thanks to appropriately organized programs for disabled people who can still become employed and retired people who keep getting great bonuses after their dedicated work in Chevron Company.


#7 – Linkedin

It may be a surprise for you but the company which main activity is to help people find jobs is actually one of the best companies to work for. To all of its employees it provides competitive salary (any soft engineer gets 47% higher salary in LInkedin than a soft engineer in other companies), maternity & paternity leave, health insurance, and free snacks.


#6 – Nike

This clothing, footwear and accessories production company has earned its place due to the most satisfied employees. The staff is provided with highly exciting and enjoyable working conditions. Besides, Nike’s employees don’t have to bother with shopping as they are provided by fashionable clothing and footwear on a regular basis.


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#5 – Apple

Even though it’s quite complicated to become a part of Apple team, once you are there you will never want to leave this place. Apart from the very competitive salary, Apple stands out among other global companies by virtue of the relationships between the top management and staff. Bosses treat their employees equal. Here if you are talented and have got something special to present, you are always welcome and your opinion will be heard.

March 16, 2012: Apple employees welcomes hundreds of customers in front of the Apple store at a shopping mall in Oberhausen, western Germany, as the new iPad goes on sale.

March 16, 2012: Apple employees welcomes hundreds of customers in front of the Apple store at a shopping mall in Oberhausen, western Germany, as the new iPad goes on sale.

#4 – Facebook

As its main purpose is working for the people’s benefits and making their life easier so it is evident that human asset is the most valuable one among other company’s assets. Facebook offers generous perks to its employees, such as laundry service, free gourmet meals, and gym access. Facebook employees also approved of management policies. One review echoed a common sentiment, advising management to “keep doing what you are doing, putting people first…and treating your employees with great care and kindness.” Employee satisfaction is important to a company’s success and Facebook’s performance in the stock market has reflected as much.


#3 – Cisco

Cisco has earned its 3rd place in our ranking thanks to the program called “Connected Recognition.” The idea behind it is to identify and celebrate outstanding employee work without delay. The program seeks to eliminate the bureaucratic lag between employees’ achievement and recognition. Anyone can nominate a colleague for an award. To amplify the impact of the recognition, the program incorporates social media into the mix, allowing the honor to extend beyond the company’s walls.


#2 – Microsoft

Microsoft is known for its highly competitive compensation and rich benefits programs. Apart from all kinds of health care like dental care, vision care, etc. Microsoft provides its employees with personal career trainers who help them grow professionally and find out new talents.


When you are tired of working you may always go playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee, or even use the bicycle to distress.

#1 – Google

This is probably the best company representing its corporate culture. Employees are given excellent opportunities for career growth and tons of career development resources. They have 24/7 access to gym and pool which points out that Google cares about its employees’ health. There are also always free snacks, drinks, breakfasts/lunches/dinners. Google organizes the best parties and it’s always fun to work in the atmosphere where the number one rule is creativity.


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