Top 5 Mobile Apps To Use In Case Of… Apocalypse!

There are dozens of applications that make our life easier, more colorful and more comfortable… But how about make it safer?!!


We have chosen TOP-5 mobile apps that can guarantee safeness to you and your family!

Natural disasters, war, large-scale social unrest – and just being in an unsafe district now you have more chances to come off with a whole skin and notify friends about your location!










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What apps can help you call for the aid when you are in dire straits?? Go to the next page & find it out!

Family Locator

Platform: iOS, Android

Family Locator 3

Who can help you better in difficult situation than your family? Stay in touch with those who are important to you!

Family Locator is the most precise and powerful modern search service according to ABC News, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and TIME. Due to newest GPS-technologies, Family Locator allows you to:

  • find your relatives on a closed map;
  • track the time your family members go out from different places;
  • mark unsafe areas, and receive notifications as soon as you enter them;
  • get info on crimes by districts;
  • know when family members are safe – or need an assistance;
  • track stolen or lost phones.

Family Locator 2


  • more than 23 million users;
  • leader among mobile security applications;
  • own messaging platform;
  • best GPS-monitoring technologies;
  • economical use of battery resource;
  • tracking location of usual mobile phones.

Family Locator 1

Download Family Locator app:

[appbox appstore 384830320?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

SOS One Click

Platform: iOS

SOS One Click 1

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the time when people hoped that someone finds their message in a bottle!

SOS One Click 3

SOS One Click is your lifeline in case you got into trouble. Just one click on the disturbing button on your phone – and all your friends and family, previously added to the list, will be notified that you are in trouble.

SOS One Click 1

The app uses all possible means of communication:

  • mobile Internet;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • SMS;
  • and the paid version of the app takes it even more serious – it connects you with security services and offers insurance.

For you to know: the official partner of the app is Lloyd`s – large British insurance company!

SOS One Click 4

Download SOS One Click app for iOS:

[appbox appstore 625607281?mt=8 simple]

Download analogous app for Android – «SOS – Stay Safe!»:

[appbox googleplay com.extentia.sos simple]

What other special applications can you use to get emergency help in case of a trouble? It?’s no secret – just go to the next page & download them!

Disaster Alert

Platform: iOS, Android

Disaster Alert 4

If you’re a hopeless traveler – or just paranoid and should be informed of all impending disasters (or maybe both!), then you should definitely download Disaster Alert!

Disaster Alert 2

Disaster Alert 5

Tsunamis, storms, earthquakes, floods happen every day worldwide, and the app will allow you not to be a part of them! Disaster Alert displays on an interactive map: hurricanes, earthquakes, man-made disasters, active volcanoes, forest fires, sea storms and many other things.

Disaster Alert 1

Each mark has the information about the date of the accident, about the current status of the cataclysm and shows the latest news!

Disaster Alert 3

Download Disaster Alert app:

[appbox appstore 381289235?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay disasterAlert.PDC&hl=uk simple]


Platform: iOS, Android

bSafe 4

bSafe app will allow you to inform your family and friends about your location and safety. We often call to know what`s up or whether smb is at home? bSafe is an app that will call when there is a real need in it.



  • SOS alarm with GPS and location with two clicks;
  • false call (helps to avoid unwanted conversations, or get away from a boring date);
  • message to defenders “I am here” with GPS coordinates;
  • test/demo option.

bSafe 1

Premium features:

  • SOS signal with GPS location in real time, a loud siren and recording video with one click;
  • mode “Follow me” with GPS real-time movement – let your friends follow your movement;
  • “Follow me” also allows you to configure automatic startup alarm if you have not arrived at your destination on time.

bSafe 2

Download bSafe app:

[appbox appstore 459709106?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

Watch over me

Platform: iOS, Android

Watch over me 1

Created by women and for women, this free app can really save life!

Watch over me 5

Watch over me 2

When a person is in a potentially vulnerable position, he has to take 3 simple steps:

  • tell how long to watch over him for and the app will track his location with an award-winning tracking service;
  • share some details: add notes, a picture, or even ask a close friend to keep an extra eye out for you while you’re on your journey;
  • inform when he is safe. If a person doesn’t tap “I’m Safe” before time runs out, his loved ones will get an alert.

Watch over me 3

When you don’t have time to call someone for help, just shake your phone!

Watch over me 4

Download Watch over me app:

[appbox appstore 431208868?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.secqme.client.andrioid simple]


Smartphone is your best friend, defender and “entertainer”!

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