Top 6 Useful Apps Released During The End Of 2015

Another rating of the latest mobile applications for everybody, for a variety of purposes – from smart digitization – to educational games ready for download!


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What latest mobile apps are worth checking out?

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Platform: iOS Android

1password 3

If you are registered on lots of sites, platforms for workflow, online-purses and other resources, you’re probably confused in your logins and passwords!

1password 2

1password 1

Using free app 1Password you can store all your logins, passwords, credit card data, requesting them using your smartphone or a tablet just when you need it.

1password 4

Also, you can create encrypted records with data about your own accounts. And using password generator you can create random passwords that are absolutely impossible to hack!

1password 5

Download 1Password app by AgileBits Inc.:

[appbox appstore 568903335?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.agilebits.onepassword&hl=ru simple]

1Password 4 iPhone App – Review and Giveaway!

The ultimate password manager for iPhones? I think so! Want to win? Subscribe and comment as much as you want to win! More comments = more entries! Good luck to all! 1Password 4 on the AppStore: -Aaron P.S. This is the last day of app giveaways for Hanukkah so happy last day!


Platform: iOS, Android

Fyuse 4

Thanks to Fyuse, your camera will be able to create interactive 3D-photos!

Fyuse 5

Fyuse 3

For this you need to take a picture of an object from different perspectives – and the application will combine them into a single image. If you turn your phone, the image will change accordingly. Thus you can even achieve a circle motion.

Fyuse 1

The result looks very realistic, because often there are even no shadows. Compositions can be displayed in a special Fyuse community and popular social networks.

Fyuse 2

Download 1Password app by Fyusion:

[appbox appstore 862863329?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.fyusion.fyuse&hl=ru simple]

Fyuse App Review

Looking to create something a little bit more with your photos. Check out Fyuse that will turn your average shot into something really cool.


Platform: Android

WetterOnline 4

Hate using umbrella? WetterOnline can help you to look in the future!

WetterOnline 3

To stand out from the mass of meteorological applications, WetterOnline developers has invented something new: in addition to accurate weather prediction for the week, they offer you a detailed weather and rain radar.

WetterOnline 2

Thanks to radar, you will know exactly when the rain front will be near you. At your request, the application will notify you about that with a pop-up message.

WetterOnline 1

Download WetterOnline app by WetterOnline GmbH:

[appbox googleplay de.wetteronline.wetterapp&hl=de simple]

Android-App Review: WetterOnline WetterOnline:

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Couchsurfing Travel

Platform: iOS, Android

Couchsurfing Travel 3

Decided to suddenly take off on vacation and haven`t thought of where to stay for a night?

Aplikace Couchsurfing Travel App vám otevøe dveøe k levému cestování.;aplikace,program, software, tablet (13.11.2015)

Couchsurfing Travel 2

No problem: using Couchsurfing network you will always find a place to rest in someone else’s apartment. Similarly, you can offer other travelers free bed in your house.

Couchsurfing Travel 1

In both cases, you must send the participants “Couch-Request” for consideration. The app`s interface is convenient and intuitive, but it lacks some of the features of “desktop” options.

Couchsurfing Travel 5

Download Couchsurfing Travel app by CouchSurfing Inc.:

[appbox appstore 525642917?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]


No Description

Fit Brains Trainer

Platform: iOS, Android

Fit Brains Trainer 5

Fit Brains program developers claim that the first signs of brain cells aging are observed in 25 years of age. Of course, much depends on a lifestyle, but if you want to spend many years with a clear mind and good memory, you will have to pay attention to the training of your own brain.

Fit Brains Trainer 1

Fit Brains Trainer 2

Like any personalized program, adjusted to user`s specific needs, Fit Brains initially asks you about your anthropometric data. So, you will have to enter your name, gender and age. Also, there is a “Condition” graph, which has a solid list of mental disorders and conditions (despair, depression, migraine headaches, head injuries and other unpleasantness). If you don`t have serious health problems, but you are interested in improving your mental activity, welcome to the training!

Fit Brains Trainer 3

The program can be composed for you automatically, you can earn points and compare yourself with other users. Another option is to choose your preferred games and pay attention only to them. Exercise may seem downright simple to you, but be patient. Of course, it`s very easy to remember the location of the three items, but what about ten?

Fit Brains Trainer 4

Download Fit Brains Trainer app by Vivity Labs:

[appbox appstore 565200595?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

Fit Brains Trainer iOS App!

Download Fit Brains Trainer — Check out all Fit Brains apps — Fit Brains Trainer has been downloaded by more than 3.5 million people, has been ranked #1 on iTunes in the categories of education, brain games, and brain health in over 80 countries, and has more than 30,000 ratings averaging 4.5 worldwide!


Platform: iOS Android

Scanbot 2

Using a camera on your smartphone or tablet and Scanbot, you can digitize books, journals or documents. The application automatically takes a picture as soon as you point it on a text. You can save digital copies in PDF or JPG formats or download in cloud storage, for example, Dropbox or iCloud.

Scanbot 4

Scanbot 3

In addition, you can add comments to PDF-documents and using the touch screen put a signature on them. The lock code that supports fingerprint scanner provides safety of your data.

Scanbot 5

Scanbot 1

Download Scanbot app by Doo GmbH:

[appbox appstore 834854351?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay net.doo.snap&hl simple]

Scanbot Pro Mobile Scanning App Features

Chita Hunter demonstrates the great and easy to use features of mobile scanning app Scanbot. Setting app themes, preferences, scanning multiple pages, syncing with iCloud Drive, OCR, custom naming of files, tags, passcode Touch ID. Update: A recent update of the app, added the ability to create folders.


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