Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms To Initiate Your Start-Up Business

It`s obvious that you need money to start business. Of course, you can take them in the bank (to lend, not to steal).

But this is a method for losers, because crowdfunding means:

  • No Commission
  • Effective and operational analysis of consumer market
  • No restriction on the term of fundraising
  • More opportunities for startup advertising
  • The opportunity to obtain more funding
  • Social recognition.


Got an original business idea? Then what are you waiting for?!

We have collected for you brief information about biggest startup-platforms of the world.

Go ahead – work smarter!



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Kickstarter 4

One of the earliest and the largest platforms, allowing you to get money for creative projects on the charity basis (from filming independent movies, creation video games, comics, music, technics, mobile gadgets to cool watches and unique pieces of art).

Kickstarter 1

Kickstarter allows collecting money on specific ideas, rather than financing existing companies. The author of the project determines the deadline for fund-raising and the minimum required sum.

Kickstarter 2

Starting from the year 2009, the total amount of money collected on the website exceeds 1 billion dollars and the number of people who received funds for the implementation of ideas reaches 6 million.

Kickstarter 3

Here you can read about some interesting Kickstarter projects: Ideas For Business You Would Never Thought Of ?1, ?2, ?3, ?4, ?5, ?6, ?7


No Description


IndieGoGo 3

The platform is not limited only by creative projects – here you can implement any idea. Unlike the Kickstarter, IndieGoGo passes the project`s author all collected by a certain date money, even if the amount is not enough. The only thing that changes is the size of the commission: if the purpose of the fund-raising project is achieved, resource holds 4%, if not – 9%.

IndieGoGo 1

For the charitable projects, platform offers 25% discount on all interest rates. But the non-profit projects receive their funds through a specific structure – FirstGiving, which takes an additional 4% for its services.

One of the main differences from other similar resources is that the rating of projects is not marked manually, but automatically.

IndieGoGo 4

By the way, today on the platform, you can raise money to fund various life events: big family celebration, wedding, medical operations, contingencies, etc.

IndieGoGo 2

IndieGoGo`s “children” are special keyboard SHORTCUT-S, dj`s pult Umidi, projectional watch Ritot, pico-projector TouchPico, smart motorcycle helmet Skully AR-1 and many other fascinating projects.

Why I Chose Indiegogo Over Kickstarter by James Franco


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Crowdfunder 2

Another giant among fund-raising platforms, specializing in small investment projects (up to 500 pounds). You can invest a large sum as well, but it requires agreement with the management of the platform.

Crowdfunder 3

Crowdfunder is aimed at technological, social, small business, cinematographic, entertainment industry startups in the early stages of development and more “mature” businesses. Among famous Crowdfunder projects are: Myforce, inc (app for smartphones), Banter (also an app), Bento (creating Asian food, catering services).

Crowdfunder 1

Crowdfunder 4

Crowdfunder commission is 5%, which is one of the lowest rates in the market. – How does Crowdfunder work?

Phil Geraghty, Managing Director of explains how rewards based Crowdfunding works. Add your project today to and help us Crowdfund the future.


Rockethub 3

Here you can raise funds for art, business, science, and important social projects. Since its appearance in 2009, RocketHub helped 180,000 people from 1500 cities and 150 countries to collect millions of dollars for investment projects. The principle of its activity is the same as for IndieGoGo.

Rockethub 2

Rockethub has FuelPad and LaunchPad programs that allow all participants to contact and cooperate to achieve the result. Here you can find projects from different spheres of life – from Wild root – tinctures made of natural extracts to animated movie about Holocaust on DVD .

RocketHub 1


Rockethub 4

For the beginners RocketHub is a real godsend, because they can take an advantage of the Crowdfunding School. Experts tell them what to write in the application form, how to organize a fundraiser, what are the features and nuances of the RocketHub and crowdfunding in general – and how to achieve the best possible results.

RocketHub [Video Interview] – How to succeed at crowdfunding.

Brian Meece, CEO and co-founder of RocketHub, discusses how fundraisers can launch a crowdfunding campaign and succeed at crowdfunding.


Appbackr 1

This platform specializes on the apps. Here you can find quality apps for fitness and sports, for business, for keeping your smartphone in safety, for health, for earning money using smartphone, for betting, for dating and sex  – for everything!

Appbackr 3

The company creates a new version of the framework for the evaluation of Android applications that calculates the quantitative assessment of the application and can help users to find good apps among hundreds of thousands of programs that are available in stores. This system of evaluation is also used by Samsung, Amazon and Firefox.

Appbackr 4

Appbackr 2

Appbackr platform takes into account several factors, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to read descriptions and users` reviews. , a new Innovation in financing new apps!

appbackr is a fun and profitable way to finance applications. appbackr allows iPhone developers to sell wholesale copies of their applications to finance development. appbackr buyers profit when the apps are sold on the iTunes store. Developers can sell up to 50,000 units of their application in the concept and then again in the finished stage.

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