Tune-Up & Speed Up! Top Aerodynamic Car Accessories

Improving the aerodynamic characteristics of a vehicle, you improve its performance at the same time, which is expressed in the reduction of fuel consumption!

071705_AUSTIN_START_006_Photo by Stefano Paltera/North American Solar Challenge Twenty university teams from across the U.S. and Canada will race solar-powered vehicles 2,500 miles from Austin, Texas to Calagary, Alberta, Canada, in the North American Solar Challenge, in Austin, Texas Sunday, July 17, 2005.

Most often the cars are fitted with diffusers, spoilers, splitters or antiwings. It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of aero-elements – because it depends on the type of a car!

We can help you with this question – just read this post carefully!


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Aerodynamic dodge types of elements




Spoilers are usually installed on the front and rear bumpers, front part of the hood cover, back part of the roof, and on the trunk lid.

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Antiwing is set to increase downforce of a car (increasing the level of grip) and improve its manageability.



Front bumper serves as a basis for spoilers, and closes space under the bottom of a car from an oncoming airflow. It has significant impact on aerodynamics only together with the other elements of the dodger.

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Rear bumper. Allows you to divert airflow from under the car`s bottom in the right direction to minimize the appearance of a zone with low pressure behind the car. It is effective together with other elements of a dodger.

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Creates additional downforce. Often installed with spoilers for maximum effect.

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Profiled underbody panels 

Required to hide elements of suspension and underbody from the oncoming airflow to minimize the resistance of the body in motion. Another goal is to prevent the emergence of eddies under the bottom of the car. These elements are often used in combination with the other elements of the dodgers.



Dodgers for different types of cars

Front engine, front-wheel drive type

In this type of a car all power is concentrated in the front part. To eliminate the negative effects of oncoming air masses, it is reasonable to set the front splitter.

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Another important element to increase the downforce is a bumper protector (also installed on the front part of a car).

These two elements are enough to give a car more downforce and reduce power losses.

The rear part in such cars is too light. To achieve optimum results, it can also be “loaded” with the help of special parts – antiwings and rear spoilers.

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Rear wheel drive type

The peculiarity of such cars is that center of gravity is located in its central part.

The front of a car is lighter than its rear part, which can lead to an uncontrolled skidding of the rear part and even to a coup.

You can balance these negative discrepancy of gravity centers by installing the deflector on the bumper and splitter on the front part of a car.

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Do not forget about the rear part of a car. In such cars, the power is concentrated at the rear wheels. To save it and achieve better coupling with the road, the rear part also requires additional clamping force, which can be provided by spoiler, diffuser or antiwing.

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At what height to install an antiwing

Novice drivers are often surprised to high location of the dodger`s elements, considering it pointless. In fact, when driving on track this installation option is the best.

In this case the wing is located in the zone of a “clean air” that is in the path of the flow over the car`s roof.


Antiwing is placed in such a way that the “clean air” passed through it and performed its function. If you place the element lower, there would be no purpose.

But here comes a question regarding the optimal height for installation of the antiwing!


There are few options, depending on the body type:


Almost all large sedans have a quite big angle of rear glass “bevel” – so the air padding over the trunk is much more noticeable.

There is no use to put a spoiler on low “legs”. The best option is mounting of aero-element at the maximum possible height.


Lift-, fastback or coupe

Here the rear glass is “sloping” enough, and the angle is small – air padding over the rear part of a car is not sufficient. It is better to install antiwings at medium height.



All cars in this class have one thing in common – they have no trunks in their usual form.

In this case it is better to install spoiler on the edge of the roof so that “clean air” flows passed through the aero-element.


As you can see, you can kill two birds with one stone: you can improve not only the appearance of a car, but also its aerodynamic characteristics.


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