10 Reasons You Feel Tired All The Time

Do you have sometimes that feeling like being sleepy and having almost no energy even though you’ve spent enough time resting? The reasons can be of wide variety and the keys are hiding in places you couldn’t suspect. Find 10 most common ones and get your energy back.

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Reason #1: You Drink Too Little Water

1Even if your organism lacks 2% of the necessary quantity of water, it has already its consequences on your physical activity. Dehydration causes blood deficit and makes blood much dense. In its turn it makes your heart work less effectively as it slows down. And your muscles experience supply disruptions of oxygen and nutritionals.

Reasons #2: You Consume Too Less Ferrum

2Ferrum deficit in your organism can make you feel dried out, irritable, and weak. It can be difficult for you to concentrate at work. This is also the reason of lack of oxygen in muscles and cells.

To decrease the risk of anemia, consume more food rich on ferrum. They are lean beef, beans, eggs with yolks, dark-green leaf vegetables, and nuts. For the better effect they are good to be mixed with the products rich on vitamin C which is able to improve the ferrum absorption.

Reason #3: You Skip The Trainings When Feeling Tired

3The habit of skipping the trainings when feeling tired is the one working against you and your well-being. Scientific findings show that people who work out at least three times a week feel much more alive and get tired not so quickly.

Regular strength trainings increase your endurance and give your blood vascular system much possibility to perform more effectively. So the next time when lying on the coach, think that if you’d take a short walk, your tomorrow would be much energetic.

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Reason #4: You Are A Perfectionist

4Perfection is impossible. Take a reality check – you know it for a long time. If the perfectionism forces you work overtime, finally it will get you worn out. You might just put unrealistic goals for yourself, and it’s better to follow the nearest goals and put deadlines. And it’s especially important to remember that ‘Work takes all the time allotted to it’.

Reason #5: You Make Mountains Out Of Molehills

5If every time your boss asks you to come to his office you presume he is intending to fire you or if you are afraid of driving a motorcycle because you expect to get into a car accident every next minute, it has its consequences on your chronicle fatigue.

The disturbance dries out your brain reserves and literally paralyzes you. If you catch yourself having bad thoughts, stop and ask yourself – ‘What’s the percentage of probability that it will happen at all?’To fight disturbance you must get to like walking on fresh air, meditating and communicating with other people.

Reason #6: It’s Difficult For You To Say “No”

6Sometimes people want to make someone agreeable so desperately that they might go at the expense of their own energy and happiness. What is worse – they keep inside them all the offense and anger.

The solution is simple – just say ‘no’ if your boss asks you to work in your weekend which is not foreseen by the contract you signed. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much easier your life can become if you don’t spend a half of your day-off for doing work you won’t benefit from. Train yourself saying ‘no’ aloud when going to work in a car. If you repeat this word aloud, it will be easier for you to say somebody nay.

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Reason #7: You Skip Breakfasts

7Food is fuel for your organism. So when you wake up you need to supply your organism with the energy you can get from your breakfast. If you skip it, you will certainly feel fatigue till the very lunch time.

‘Breakfast is the fire for your metabolism. So it will slow down if you skip your breakfast’. Dietitions recommend consuming products consisting of whole grain, fat-free proteins and healthy fats for breakfasts. For example it can be oatmeal or a sandwich with peanut butter. Fruits, eggs, yogurts, and milk products suit well too.

Reason #8: You Eat Unhealthy Food

8Practically all semi-products are full of sugar, salt, and food supplements. It makes them products with the high glycemic index. This index measures the speed of carbohydrates processing into sugar in your blood. Permanent jumps-and-downs of sugar in your blood (when having eaten a sweet cookie and two hours later) make you feel fatigue all the time.

Reason #9: Your Office Is A Mess

9Garbage kills your productivity. If you find yourself sitting in the office full of papers, cups, and trash under your table, it can really decrease your abilities to concentrate and disables your brain in processing the information.

When finishing this working day and preparing to leave for home, make sure you put all stuff in order. It is better if all you office belongings are on their places and they are better to be inside the table, not on it.

Reason #10: You Work Without Vacations

10Checking email box when lying next to the swimming pool can become another reason of you draining out. Put all of the gadgets with the working programs aside when on vacation. This is the only way to get back to work more rested and fresh. Besides, if you take breaks more often, your productivity and creativity will significantly increase.

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