Alcoholic Beverages Under The Microscope

BevShots company use photos of frozen droplets of different types of drinks under the microscope. Refracted light, crystals really create a unique composition. Oh, and the most of their assortiment – alcoholic drinks, cocktails and liqueurs. Want such picture on your wall?

Belgian Lambic

Beer - Belgian Lambic.jpeg

Chinese Lager

Beer - Chinese Lager.jpeg

American Draft

Beer - American Draft Beer.jpeg

Irish Pale Lager

Beer - Irish Pale Lager2.jpeg

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Black and Tan

Beer - Black and Tan.jpeg

More on the next page!Tequila

BevShots Tequila New Horiz.jpg


Liquor - Gin.jpeg

Cranberry Juice

Mixer - Cranberry Juice copy.jpeg

Pina Colada


Wine - Sake copy.jpeg

Dirty Martini

Cocktail - Dirty Martini.jpeg


Liquor - Rum.jpeg


Mixer - Cola copy.jpeg


Liquor - Vodka.jpeg

Bloody Mary

Cocktail - Bloody Mary.jpeg

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White Zinfandel

Wine - White Zinfandel1 copy.jpeg