9 Best Presents For Her On St. Valentine’s Day

The day of Love is approaching and so it’s a high time to think about our beloved women and pick up a perfect present that will strike a chord with them. Look through 9 best gift ideas and surprise your honey.

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KfPJWfMY5uEThere is no doubt, all women like jewelry. But if you are not sure what kind of earrings or necklace your woman prefers, make your choice with bracelets. Bracelets are the most practical thing in this case as they can be a great addition almost to any clothing style. Besides, there are bracelets that you can add special pendants to them as a symbol of any special events of your life together.


3a_KDcS16wMA handbag is the best friend of any woman. And a good handbag she can hide practically anything in – is a real finding. Take her out to pick up a new bag together or take a risk and choose one on your own. Whatever you do – be sure, such St. Valentine’s present will definitely make her heart melt.

Aroma SPA collection

UZP-OP_YvT0Show her you appreciate her long hours spent in the bathroom doing depilation and skin scrubbing just to make her body look better for you. Buy an aroma SPA collection or make up your own skin care collection out of creams and body lotions. Choose the scent you like the most and enjoy your evenings spent together and smelling her gorgeous aroma skin.

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cRldYjKaXrsEven though your sweetheart keeps her figure, it’s okay to give her just one day off. Order a special St. Valentine’s Day cake or learn to cook it yourself. Whichever way you choose make sure you buy a good wine and many fruits along with the cake. Then put any of her favorite romantic movies and enjoy the evening together.

‘Special’ book

U-gTICNJxJYEven though the book itself is going to be more like a wrapping for the main present, it is still going to be a surprise for her. Buy a book she has always wanted and…cut a heart inside it. Then put there the main gift (it can be an engagement ring, why not?) and watch her surprise.

Small tip: if you don’t want to disappoint her with spoiling her favorite book, provide yourself with another same one.

‘Fluffy’ friend

lTlaxcZC0uMIf you are ready to move forward in your relationships, it would be good for both of you to consider an option of taking a pet. Ask her beforehand whether she’d prefer a kitten or a puppy and surprise her on St. Valentine’s Day. Show her you are ready to take these responsibilities and that your intentions about her are serious.

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7v4ldCQJxIwClassy but necessary and highly appreciated if chosen right. Besides, no woman will be dissatisfied to get a new expensive perfume from her beloved men for the St. Valentine’s Day.

Video camera

AHqEuSKDZDQIt’s time to invest in the future. And a good video camera with the very first introductory video made by you is definitely going to be a great surprise for her. For the video you could ask her best friends to say some warm sweet words about her and in the end of the video you will appear expressing your love in self-written poem and an air-kissing sent through the object-glass.


V0wPEex-ecIIs she found of music? Are you willing to show you’ve got a really good taste in it? Buy an iPod and upload there all your favorite songs. Present it on St. Valentine’s Day sharing with your sweet girl the mood you get when listening to your favorite music.

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