Where To Find The Real Desires?

http://resources.razorplanet.com/510709-7413/510709_964_432361.jpgVery often people try to understand their real desires, to know what they really want. But such question formulation leads to a dead end, creates a feeling of complete misunderstanding of what to do and where to go.
Modern psychology offers many options to “search wishes”. The most popular scheme is to remember what did you like – in childhood, adolescence, youth, or yesterday, what did you want to do. And if you follow this advice, at first, when you feel euphoric – that’s it, I want to do this, but soon it comes down to zero and “desire” almost never comes.
That means, the person starts to try to do smth – to realize the “desire” that he/she found or “remembered,” but it turns out that he/she really does not want to do this. A person push himself to go continue crafting, singing etc, but all efforts certainly come to naught. Normal people do not make themselves to do something that they do not interested in.
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http://kenyanurse.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/happy-african-child.jpg So what is the error of this approach, and what mistake is in a question about how to understand your real desires? And it’s simple – these desires can not be understood. These desires – it is something unnamed. These desires – it’s just a desire for something unconscious. As soon as you call your “desire” – you can be sure that this is a lie. Well, or misleading, something you just invented. Or adoption from outside. But not desire.
Desire – this is what comes from the heart. And mind is for understanding. And they will never come to the one statement. You can’t to understand the desire, because the mind conscious and the heart desires. And even this worlds are not very precise. The heart (soul, your essence) does not want to, it just pushes you to do something, just makes you to move on. This how the”desire” works.
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http://www.icone-png.com/png/53/52798.png You can realize what did you desired only if you already received or done this. Understanding comes only after the fact. When you get the desired, mind suddenly says – well, that’s that you wanted. And if we talk about short and simple things, like go to the toilet, yes, the mind already knows in advance that this urge is that you want to use the toilet. But only in the short and simple, frequently occurring cases.

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Example with toilet is very revealing. Yes, you can afford to say exactly what you want – I want to use the toilet. Just because you know what is the desire to go to the toilet. And if you do not know, you will just try to find a place to unbutton pants and … you would not try to “understand”, but simply do. Ssame thing occurs with all other desires. Desire – this is what you do, without realizing why.  And only  after the implementation, you can tell what exactly you wanted. Only then, after the fact.
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http://www.luckyafricandance.com.au/assets/images/homepage_main_8.13.gifEach of us can remember something like that. Take, for example, a situation called “just lucky” –  when you got something that you needed, but did not strained for it and did not realize what are your actions. This “just lucky” means that, first, you have heard, smelled, where to go, and secondly, how to move, to act. That’s all luck. But you were not aware of and did not understand anything.  Everyone is familiar with this situation?

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http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4012/4583852565_59eb6b1c2f.jpgYou just do, without knowing what and why. And only then we can say what we have done. Hence the conclusion – there are no seeking of “real desire”. At all. You just need to go where your heart pulls you. And if you have brought yourself into a situation where in a panic shouting “What do I do” – do nothing. This is the simplest way. Or keep doing what you did.

The main thing – to settle down. A being calm, you will feel what I mean – that craving, unconscious and unnamed – desire. Or rather not so, the word “feel” again can confuse. No, you just will go somewhere, not knowing where or why.

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