7 Present Ideas For Him On St. Valentine’s Day

Oh love, sweet love! February, 14th is knocking at your door and you have no idea what to pick up as St. Valentine’s present for your dearest man? Calm down and see how you can surprise him on this special day.

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#7 – Elite alcohol

I bet, there is no man who doesn’t drink alcohol at all. And even if your man rejects alcohol intakes most of the time, he will surely not abandon a bottle of fine whiskey or rum. This present can come in handy when your man wants to spend some time with his friends relaxing and sipping some elite alcohol.

#6 – Self-care set

Who said that men don’t take care of their body and good looks? They also want to look attractive and smell good. A perfect gift in this case could be a self-care set containing shampoo, shower gel, and aftershave gel. You may also experiment a bit and add a pair of underpants to it. Consequently, you’ll have quite a useful and practical set for everyday usage.

#5 – Elegant watch

No business suit will look better without an elegant watch on his wrist. Do you want your man feel important and successful? Consider an option of presenting an elegant watch as a St. Valentine’s gift. Add a card to it saying “No matter what time of the day or night it is, remember, I am always here for you”.

#4 – Power bank

Least romantic but the most useful St. Valentine’s gift is an accessory to his smart phone. And one of such kind is a power bank. You know that most of smart phones working on an android system tend to have a very weak battery so they need to recharge sometimes twice a day. So it is very convenient to have a power bank at hand whenever your phone battery needs a boost. It is a practical and quite thoughtful present to show your love.

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#3 – Portemonaie

A man without a good wallet is like a woman without a good bag. Give your man a chance to feel he is special not on this day only, but every time he reaches out for his leather wallet. Let him affirm his status in the society with such a fashionable present. He will be definitely grateful you are concerned about his image.

#2 – Relax

The day of relax with some romantic notes will surely please you man. Buy special aroma oil with some easterly scent, put light music and give him an erotic massage. Before that you may also try bathing together drinking fine wine and eating fruits. The sky is the limit and your imagination has no borders, we are sure of that!

#1 – Yourself

Undoubtedly, that the best present he could ever expect on this day is you yourself. But any present, as we all know, should have an attractive gift wrapping so it is intriguing. And the best coverage in this case is a sexy undergarment. Can you imagine his surprise? – room, semidarkness, scented candles all around the floor, tables and window sills, and you in this sexy wrapping on the bed. Enjoy the evening!

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