Top 6 touching & memorable presents for a woman on St.Valentine’s Day!

There is one great way to find out what your girlfriend really wants as a present.


Everything is simple – you tell her: “I`ve got a present for you, but it`s a big secret!”.




The peculiarities of woman psychology won`t let her stay uninformed, and she keep asking you: “Is this a new bag???”, “Is it an underwear???”, “or maybe it`s jewelry???”.

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Thus you will know exactly what she wants!


But we will choose the simplest way – in this post we will suggest you several great ideas for Valentine`s Day presents that every lady would adore!


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Romantic dinner with candles in an unusual place

This is one of the win-win options, when your present is not some stuff, but some pleasant impressions. And that is so great!


First, you should surf the Internet and choose the nicest and the quietest place in the city – it can be a seashore, a noiseless park with lovely trees, or even an old castle.

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Depending on what your girl likes the most, you can choose a professional event – or a live music. The main thing is to make sure you`ve chosen a good catering company, and maybe floristic company – the composition of flowers will make your lady the happiest person in the world!!


The dishes should be refined and light, choose a good wine that your lady likes the most – and here you go! By the way, such dinner is the best way to propose and give her a ring!


Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

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Perfume is an absolute luxury, the greatest present ever”, — these are the words of Stephan Ellinek, the researcher of perfume history. And really, sometimes a good perfume and a chic bouquet are the best gifts, regardless of age or status of the woman.


There are a few guidelines that will help you understand the diversity of perfumes. So, you can choose a perfume by zodiac sign, perfume by temperament, by season, age, occupation. The aroma will diverse depending on the chosen criterion!


Whatever perfume you choose, it will help you to reveal your feelings and show a woman that you love her.


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Jewelry is an absolutely win-win present option! The main thing is that there will be some money left after buying this present – because you should celebrate such a purchase!


But you should know – jewelry fashion changes practically each season, therefore a person who wants to make a present, has to consider woman`s taste (a massive pendant – or a precious pearl necklace), and fashion trends.


Silver jewelry will match to the casual wardrobe, and gold jewelry will be worn only on significant occasions.


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Want some ideas that are even cooler?? Go to the next page & find it there!


Clothing is one of those presents that you should choose together, of course, if you are not a fashion designer. Even without you she can stuck in a shop for two hours, trying to choose between this top – and that jeans!


The purchase of a new dress may bring a huge amount of pleasure to woman, especially if this purchase wasn`t planned and if it`s a present from a loved one. You can also give her a certificate from her favorite boutique.


If you are in a close relationship, you can give her an exclusive branded underwear – let her know that she is desired!


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Modern gadgets

Today giving a tablet or a new smartphone as a present is as relevant as giving flowers!


But here you should also consider what social group your lady belongs to: if she is a creative person, it can be a device by trendy Chinese brand, and if she is a business lady – you`d better choose some kind of BlackBerry for her.



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Unexpected trip

If you have enough money for such a present, it can become a very memorable and unusual gift – the impressions from a romantic travel!

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A travel as a gift for a woman you love will give her an opportunity to rest from her usual hassles and bustles, to feel a romantic atmosphere, and most importantly – the sense of confidence that she is the best in the world. And all these impressions will echo to you as well!

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