Why Is It So Hard For Black Women to Find The Love They Deserve?

With every day it becomes more and more difficult for people to find their true love. And women are beyond special danger facing this issue. According to some statistics made afro ameri8can women suffer from inability to find the love they deserve most of all. Let’s find out what are the reasons causing this.

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@ Feeling ‘not good enough’

qO4wnN7LwjIWith the flow of time black people tried to assure the rest of the world they are equally worth a success and that they have equal rights for education, decision-making and other social benefits. And so they succeeded and keep going on achieving their goals. Someone has become a successful businessman, someone is a professor in Harvard, and someone is a President. The opportunities have largely expanded for black men, and many of them have become affluent.

oJGfswIClnoWhen having got much money they don’t bother about down-to-earth things and black women feel like men are ‘above them’. Besides, more and more often black men prefer something ‘exotic’ making their choice on women of other races who tend to be more easy-going and less old-fashioned.

@ Too old-fashioned in dating

5dmGnTi5uI4In continuation to the first reason black women tend to be too old-fashioned in dating whereas women of other races behave more aggressively. What do I mean by saying old-fashioned style? It regards to courting with phone calls instead of social networks chatting, it’s about going out to cinemas and restaurants instead of night clubs and noisy crowd bars. Women of other races have already understood that if they want to get a better guy, they must hunt for him. And so they do everything on their own – they ask guys to go out and they are the first to flirt and to kiss. Yes, you might say it doesn’t pertain to do so for a woman who respects herself and her own image. But you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore.

@ Appearance vs Status

sJVqZSPb7-oIf talking about the preferences black and white women give the most attention to, then it is necessary to note that black women start their evaluation of a man from appearance. They seek for men who are sportive, good-looking and wearing stylish clothes. That’s the first selection round when 70% of men fail to succeed in and so less of them are left to be considered. White women start their evaluation from character, hobbies, interests, values and other interpersonal features. And in most cases women tend to fall for guys who even though might be not that eye-catchy looking but have a very rich inside world.

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@ Unrealistic dating pool expectations

rVRjFMuXiVEWhen coming to the question about requirements afro american women usually possess an endless list of them. Height, weight, PhD, never been married, no children, in his late 30s or early 40s – therefore bringing us all to one question – what have you got to offer in return? And in most of the cases the answer is nowhere near all the above mentioned.

lIy4yMkGH3wSo dear women, if you really want to succeed in your love search, start with yourselves and your own improvement.

@ Big bud

_m4MR2mkXLwYes, it might sound quite rude, but there is nothing to be offended about as it’s our nature and someone’s physical features leave a lot to be desired. You know that all afro american women have this kind of ‘big bud problem’ but it is definitely not the end of the world if you manage to turn it as your advantage over other female representatives of the world. Go to gym, take personal trainings, eat less junk food – build up your own attractiveness. And remember, there is no one responsible more for your own success than you are.

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