6 Female Physical Features Men Cannot Resist

According to some statistical findings there are several natural female traits that no man can resist. If you possess at least one of them, it will help you get anyone attracted and once he turns his head and get to know you, the rest is up to you.

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Trait #1 – Waist-Hips Ratio

AAabInsLR2UIt was set in our genes from the very beginning of the evolution that men were attracted to women who had wider hips. This was an indicator of a woman being able deliver a baby, therefore continuing the existence of all mankind.

VwYLWo9BzFwWith the appearance of some fashion rules dictated by celebrities like Beyonce, it has become attractive to have thin waist. And so the ideal proportions are 7:10. In order to fit the requirement set by the society the best advice is to train with hula-hoop 20 minutes a day gradually increasing the timing to 1 hour. And to keep your bud muscles strong and attractive, do squats every day and in every place.

Trait #2 – Healthy Hair

Mva1gtvGkIsLong shiny hair has been always a sign of health and fertility, and there is probably no man who’d prefer a short cut hair to think long ones. Many women do one simple mistake – after getting married they cut their hair short and stop grooming their hair. But hair is indeed inseparable attribute to your natural beauty, women. So don’t spare your time and money to visit a professional saloon once a month to save your attractiveness.

Trait #3 – Minimum Makeup

Wu1F6YD_9IkAccording to scientific research, men prefer women who use up to 40% fewer cosmetics. But it shouldn’t take science to tell you that the natural you, is the best you. The more you take care of your natural look using scrubs, creams and body lotions, the more attractive you appear to men. To underline the ample forms of your lips use light lip stick. Abandon to use shadows, just put some mascara to lengthen your eyelashes, and this is going to be pretty enough to impress your man.

Find out what other traits of attraction are important to possess on the following page.

Trait #4 – High Voice

JaBxdT9HutcIt is very attractive to men when a woman has high-pitched voice. This is so because on the subconscious level it symbolizes a small woman with a feminine body. And it is sexy and appealing to men to be dating a woman with a delicate constitution. When hearing high notes in voice men instinctively get a desire to turn around their heads and get acquainted with that woman as it’s literally music to their ears.

Trait #5 – Vast Smile

a0niuy0CB9cPositive people are attractive people. Optimism has always been something that people want to get around with and share. The more you smile, the more of positive fluids you get in return. And so your mood becomes better and the work you do becomes easier.

But there is always one very important thing – when smiling vast, don’t forget about your teeth. They must be always clean and white, so your smile is really something that brings other people some cheer and joy.

Trait #6 – Red Color

gzIDkweIuZ0Red is a color of passion. And so it serves as a natural sexual attraction. No one can yet prove why men find this color so attractive and lusting, but it is a fact that if you want to overwhelm him this Saturday night, wear that beautiful red dress you’ve saved in your wardrobe.

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