8 Tricks To Pass A Telephone Interview Successfully

When successfully done with your CV and having it posted on the work-search web-site, sit comfortably and wait for numerous phone calls. Those are the recruiters and HR specialists to call you in order to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for this or that position. This is where your job haunt really starts and this is where you should get prepared.

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1) Evaluate a situation

1If you got this call – be glad! This means your CV got somebody interested. Then quickly get prepared to a conversation that may last from a couple of minutes to half an hour. Adequately estimate the place where you are as nothing and no one should bother you. If by any reasons you feel uncomfortable about the upcoming conversation (whether it’s an uncomfortable place, you don’t remember the description of the vacancy or you simply feel bad) it’s better to reschedule this serious talk. But don’t forget to thank the recruiter for his interest and agree on the timing of your next phone call.

2) Set yourself comfortable

2Sit straight, don’t lean on your elbows, and better stand. This position will provide your voice with additional confidence. Prepare a notebook and a pen ahead so that you can make notes to be able remind yourself about some peculiarities of the conversation.

3) Smile

3And a sudden tip – smile! A smile cannot be seen but it can be heard through the phone. Thank to a smile in particular your voice will acquire the notes of geniality and optimism which will help the interviewer form a positive perception about you. Being brighter with your mimics you will be brighter with your emotions.

4) Speech

The speech of the candidate is being evaluated from minimum two sides. They are the ability to deliver your thoughts to the communicator and from the point of view of getting additional information about the counterpart.


The important things here are: the pitch of a voice, the ability to audibly and clearly deliver your thoughts, the temp of the conversation, and the absence of glaring errors in the speech (especially if you are applying for the managerial position).

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5) Self-presentation

5‘An elevator pitch’ – if you are seeking a job, it must be ready, isn’t it? Be always ready to shortly present yourself, your knowledge, abilities, and skills, your experience, achievements, and a short tale why this work is important for you.

6) Ask questions

6During the conversation you have the right to get more information about the vacancy, the requirements to the candidate, about the place where the office of the company is situated, and so on. But of course it’s good to remember where you’ve sent your CV so you know the answers to the most of the questions. Show your active position by asking recruiter questions – show that this conversation is interesting for you. In the meantime think about the comfortable timing for the meeting which is going to be your next step in getting the job.

7) Be polite

7Minimum twice during the whole conversation mention the name of the person you are talking to. Take a notice that hearing their name is the most pleasant music for any human being. Of course, it’s important to remember it in order to not get mistaken and spoil the impression you wanted to make on your communicator. No matter what result of the conversation is, don’t forget to thank for the interest showed to your CV and wish a good day.

8) Feedback

8The conversation should come to a logical end – and the best one is the meeting for a personal interview. Ask the HR-specialist about your further steps and agree on the algorithm of your follow-up actions. If you have agreed on personal interview, find out what is going to be the format of it and what additional materials should you bring with you. Your main task on this stage is to confirm the impression you’ve made on the recruiter by the ability to talk and present your candidature from the most advantageous for you side. If the conversation ends up with the feeling like you two have known each other before, then be sure you’re on the right path.

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