5 Dumb Mistakes Intelligent Women Do

Women have an unfair advantage over men – if they cannot get what they want using their brains, they take it pretending being dumb. I should agree, it is indeed a useful technique, but…not always. Sometimes smart women may do really dumb mistakes. Read what are they to get yourself armed.  

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?1 – Thinking that being beautiful isn’t as important as being smart

1Many women who have “got brains” and have succeeded in something think that it is already enough and that men must appreciate them for their intelligence only. Some others think that if they look appealing like Hollywood stars, men would only try to use them and will never turn attention to their intelligence. But in actual fact, woman should feel herself a woman – it is her nature and it is dumb to reject it. Remember, that any man is looking for a ‘full package’ of the best features – a woman who is good-looking, kind, smart, and (why not?) successful.

?2 – Making an emphatic point on your rightness

5Being intelligent doesn’t always mean defending your point of view, even though you know you are 100% right. Sometimes it is more intelligent of you to step back and keep silent. Especially it regards the very first dates with the man you like and would like to see as your future partner. It is really stupid of you to drill your point making him strung-up, therefore heating up the relationships between you two from the very beginning.

?3 – Putting your CV on the first place

3The modern world requires from women being not good housewives only, but successful business women. It’s a tendency already that the percentage of influential women is increasing with every day. Women go to colleges, universities, get better jobs than men do, and earn much money.

4They are becoming stronger and more successful. But nevertheless, when going on a date, you should leave your CV outside the door. You are here to impress the man of your dreams not with your excessive skills from the resume, but with your human qualities and femininity.

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?4 – Thinking the more talking is better

2It is natural that most of women like to talk a lot. And the more she knows the more she wants to share it with others. But when you decide to start chattering about anything, make sure he is interested in the topic and it’s not going get him bored. When building relationships it’s important to communicate with each other and be engaged in a dialogue, not a monologue. You definitely don’t want to push him away decreasing his level of interest in you, do you? So shut up and try more to listen than to speak as truly intelligent women do.

?5 – Humiliating other women’s intelligence abilities

6It’s good you are smarter than other female representatives around and that you have seen and experienced more than they have. But still, it won’t put you in the best light if you concentrate all of the attention on your exceptional intelligence and their downsides. The man whose attention you want to draw should come up with the conclusions on his own. Besides, it’s really dumb and not nice to try asserting yourself on the back of someone else’s weaknesses.

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