5 Property Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Becoming a property owner is the ultimate life goal for many Nigerian citizens. However, unless you’re building your new home from scratch, the chances that your property will need renovation are rather high. Now, it’s no secret that renovation services can be quite expensive, especially the original property is in a poor condition. Keep reading this post to find out about 5 easy DIY projects anyone can do almost for free and never waste money on repair services again!

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1. Cleaning

Any proper home renovation should start with thorough cleaning. We’re not talking about the kind of cleaning you do on a regular basis – what we mean is cleaning every surface, corner and area in the building. Start with walls, windows, ceilings, lights, and floor covers. Then move on to closets, cabinets, and other storage spaces – clean them both from the inside and the outside. Next it’s time for cleaning the bathroom. Last, but not least, give a good clean to every surface in the garden, including tiles, concrete, and fences – a high-pressure hose and clear water should do the trick.


Not only does a thorough cleaning job can prepare the house for renovation, but it can also give you a better idea of what needs to be repaired, because during the cleaning you’ll see every corner of the house.

2. Preparation

Every major and minor renovation should be preceded by preparing the home for the repair. This process can include a number of things, depending on the amount and type of renovation your new property needs. Generally you can start the preparation process right after the cleaning. For example, you can rip off the old wallpapers and tiles, remove the old carpet and floor coverings, take out the furniture, and do whatever it takes to start the renovation. If you do it all yourself without paying the workers, you will save a substantial sum of money that can be used for better building materials and services. Besides, if there is really a lot of preparation work to do, you can always ask your friends for help.


3. Paint

To many beginners painting seems like a hard job, but the truth is that painting is actually something we learn in a young age, the only difference is that as a kid you used to paint on paper, and now you need to paint walls. With the right equipment and some basic skills you can paint anything in your home, from the fence to the garage door, from the walls in your home to driveways. This job can save you thousands and can even be a fun task for completing on a weekend, especially if you’re not working alone and have a spouse or family member who can help. Reformas-600x375

4. Outdoor work

It’s no secret that a polished garden and yard can make a lasting impression on the visitors and is half of a home’s appeal. Even if you’ve just moved in, you can do a lot to make your yard look more attractive. If the garden is covered in old concrete paths, decorate them with garden beds. If there is no grass in the garden, plant a new batch or buy a roll-out piece of grassy soil. If there are shrubs, bushes and trees in your garden, trim them yourself with simple scissors, and the outdoor area will instantly get a better look. Lastly, add some garden furniture and enjoy your newly renovated and decorated garden.


5. Minor tweaks

It’s hard to believe at first, but even minor repairs can change the look of the house. Take a look at your kitchen, especially at the furniture. Is your dining table or bench top in need of a renovation? A simple paint job will freshen up the look and make the furniture look as good as new. Bathroom tiles tend to have their grout areas dirty with time, which can be easily fixed with a new coat of grout. Replace the light switch covers that became dirty – be sure not to touch the wiring, all you need to change is the cover.


DIY jobs you shouldn’t do

Unless you’re an experienced professional, stay away from the following jobs:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Structural works
  • Sanding and polishing the floors

These jobs need to be left to professional workers – stick to minor repairs and you’ll find the right balance between saving money and spending time on renovations.

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