6 Calorie-Free Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Many women when attempting to lose weight make one huge common mistake – they stop eating. But to lose weight properly along with not damaging your health, you should not eat less, but eat the right foods. Read about 6 calorie-free foods you may eat day in and day out.

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100It may not be a surprise for you that one of the main calories-burning foods is a grapefruit. It is rich on pectin, vitamin C, potassium and the ever-important folic acid. It doesn’t only have a pleasant lemony taste and is a perfect interchange to juices, but is also a #1 metabolism’s aid. Just eat 1 grapefruit 20 minutes after your meal intake and all of the calories you absorb will be burned out.


12Peppers belong to the group of foods and are also called “hot foods”. And as we all know, fat burns out when heated. Consequently, when absorbing red pepper together with other foods, it helps all the calories burn and not reach their insidious goal – lay down on your belly. It was also found by the scientists that the capsaicin, found in all hot peppers, aroused specific proteins that emulsify fats. And this helped slow the process of fat molecules bind together, but split and get out with other unwanted elements.


13Pumpkin has about 35 calories a cup and possesses great satiation properties. Besides, it is rich on potassium, copper, A, C, and E vitamins. So it is not only able to keep your weight on an appropriate level, but can provide your organism with the essential nutrients that are necessary for your organs to perform their tasks well throughout the day.

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400Celery is a very widespread use plant as it has a taste that comes well with any meal. So it can be literally added to anything. Besides, it has a high water content therefore helping your body to hydrate. And we all know that water is one of the main helpers when losing weight. The more water you consume daily, the more sugars, salt and fat are washed out of your organism.


500The satiation properties of mushrooms are probably their main advantage when attempting to lose weight. They have only near 20 calories per cup so you may consume them in enormous quantities. Besides, mushrooms are very much easy to cook – you can fry, boil, bake and grill them. You can prepare tasty mushroom sauces and that won’t influence your weight in no way. Different kinds of mushrooms have different nutrients, so no matter which ones you prefer – champignons or honey fungus – you will always find many important vitamins and minerals for your body.


16Accordingly to its fibrous consistency arugula is able to provide your body with appropriate quantity of energy needed for the workouts. Besides, you can eat lots of arugula as it has only 4 calories per cup and is quite tasty with its fresh peppery flavor. It serves as a perfect addition to pizza, soups, and salads.

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