8 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

Healthy eating is a topic that concerns adults all over the world. Some of us try to lose weight eating healthy foods, others are determined to improve their physical condition. We are used to certain foods being considered healthy and other foods that are not as good for our health. But there is a third category of products, the ones that are viewed as healthy, but can actually do us a lot of harm. Find out which products to avoid right now!

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1. Salad

Here we’re not talking about homemade salads – when you are making a salad at home, you can control the ingredients and the dressing to choose the healthiest options. However, restaurants and fast food joints often make salads that are far from healthy by including fatty, high-calorie ingredients, especially the dressing. For salad to be good for your body, it should contain vegetables, greens, lean meat, and use olive oil as a dressing.


2. Juice

The only juice you should ever be drinking is the one you make yourself, and even then the nutritional content of the juice is still questionable. However, bottled juices are filled with sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, citric acid, and other harmful ingredients that are disguised as a healthy drink. If you’re craving fruit juice, your best option is to eat a whole fruit – an apple, a banana, or an orange.


3. Low-fat foods

A lot of food manufacturers try to attract fitness-conscious buyers by lowering the amounts of fat that goes into their products. The low-fat or fat-free versions of popular foods have been quite a hit recently. Nevertheless, there are two big problems with this trend: first, low-fat foods simply taste worse than normal products, and second, often low fat content means added sugar to make the food taste better, which is much worse for your body than normal amounts of fat.


4. Margarine

A few decades ago butter has become the target of nutritionists all over the world. They’ve been saying that butter is bad for our bodies – especially, our hearts and blood vessels. At the same time the plant-based butter substitute, margarine, has risen in popularity. The truth is that margarine cannot be called real food – rather it’s a combination of artificially produced elements in the shape of a piece of butter. Fat from butter can even be good for you, as long as you eat it in moderation.


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5. Cereal

Cereal are a very popular breakfast both for kids and adults, but not every cereal lover knows that one of the main components of any cereal is sugar, which can negatively influence virtually any part of your body if you have too much. Choose regular porridge instead of cereal for breakfast and start your mornings the right way!

6. Dried fruits

Preserved fruits, along with nuts, are considered to be the healthiest snacks you can imagine. Supposedly they are perfect for times when you need to grab a quick bite at work, after a workout, or anywhere you feel hungry, but in fact dried fruits are not a good alternative to regular snacks. To make them last longer, manufacturers cover the fruits in excessive sugar and sulphur, and while the latter doesn’t actually do you any harm, excess sugar is a well-known enemy of healthy and fit people. However, simple dried nuts are a great snack option.


7. Energy drinks

There are not many people who believe energy drinks are good for your health, but a lot of adults still use them as a source of a quick energy boost, which is wrong for a lot of reasons. First, like coffee, energy drinks only give you a temporary energy boost, and after the effect is gone, you feel even more exhausted than before. Second, energy drinks are known to have a negative effect on your stomach, heart, and even teeth enamel, which is why you should avoid drinking energy beverages for as long as possible.


8. Banana chips

Who doesn’t know about the health benefits and nutritional value of bananas? We often substitute entire breakfasts or even dinners with a banana or two. A popular product derived from bananas are banana chips, but, unlike fresh whole bananas, banana chips are pretty bad for your health, because most banana chips manufacturers deep-fry banana slices to make them into chips, which adds a lot of saturated fat and calories to the otherwise harmless and even healthy fruit.


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