8 Spheres That Will Incredibly Change By 2025

In less than 10 years our world will change beyond recognition. The factories will be completely automated, a house-chambermaid-robot will clean your house and an artificial intellect might replace your financial analyst. Here are 8 spheres of human life that will incredibly change by 2025.

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1) Mechanical engineering

wlrCPyH06mUIn the nearest 5 years the main part of automobiles will become “smart”, 10% of them will be completely autonomous. Such companies as Google and Tesla are busy developing the vehicles that can drive by themselves. The robot-taxi system is being tested in Japan and is going to present its innovation in 2020 on the occasion of Olympic Games in Tokyo.

2) Finances

KlZ9wCArNmAThe most probable outcome of the changes in the financial sphere is that the financial robot-analysts will replace the financial advisors we are having today. Around $2,2 trillion will be invested in special computers that will possess intellect and will be able to make analysis of the market.

3) Healthcare

-r8Cug5jKFsIn the hospitals of the future the robots will be helping with complicated surgeries. More and more of the workers who take care of retired people will be also replaced by the robots. In 2000 there were only 1000 operations done with help of robots. In 2014 the number has increased to 570 000. And the tendency to changes in healthcare sphere is continuing.

4) Manufacturing

Fete2VH3XmMOnly 10% of production capacity is automated nowadays. As expected, this indicator will increase to 45% within nearest 10 years (as the robots will decrease in their price). They will also become more qualitative. Many of the robots can’t do a complicated job like putting together small details. But some Chinese companies are already investing in robots that will soon be able to assemble small details in iPhones.

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5) Agriculture

f6zF3urNKgMThe agrarian sector expects big changes as well. There’re going to appear pilot-free tractors, drones, and robot-milkermen. In order to optimize the cultivated areas the farms will use the artificial intellect technologies and data analysis.

6) Services

rtpYeVzSh-YThe sphere of services will change as far as the personal robots will spread. These robots are going to be the machines that can do easy, dangerous and routine work better than humans do. Even as we speak there is already a robot that can clean up the floor excellent, better than any other vacuum cleaner. And very soon there are going to appear robots that can cut the loans, wash dishes and windows.

7) Artificial intelligence

SN8JjmUuAScThe artificial intelligence technology, for example the programs that can make forecasts and think almost like humans, by 2024 will become an industry priced at $43 milliard. But the genuine artificial intelligence – a computer that can completely become equal to the human brain – will appear in 2040 with the probability of 50%. This probability will reach 90% only by 2075.

8) Aerospace sector and defense

xeuF_HxMkvQRight now in more than 90 countries the unmanned aircrafts are being actively used. Their amount will triple during the following 5 years. The appearance of autonomous means of transportation and land robots designed for military aims (to carry the soldiers) is expected.

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