9 Life-Changing Websites And Apps

The internet has come to a stage where it can be used in every part of our lives. We all have our favourite set of websites and apps that help us work, play, entertain ourselves, learn, communicate with our friends and family, relax, or shop. However, there must be thousands of extremely useful or fun websites and apps you’re guaranteed to enjoy, and we are here to help you find them.

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1. Codeacademy

Coding skills are a truly a must-have for anyone who has interest in working and creating online. Unfortunately, studying coding at a university can be quite expensive, which is why services like Codeacademy are so important. They let you learn coding 100% for free and build your own HTML, CSS or Javascript projects from scratch. Try Codeacademy and you’ll have new job opportunities lined up for you shortly after.


2. F.lux

If you spend most of your day staring at the screen, this is a must-have app for you. If you frequently use your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other devices, you probably know how uncomfortable it is to turn the device on at night and be blinded by the brightness of the screen. Well, with the help of F.lux you can adjust the screens on your devices so that they’re as bright as you want them to be at any time of day or night.


3. TED

Most online users already know about TED, a genius invention that lets you listen to lectures from world’s leading politicians, businessmen, celebrities, activists, and anyone who has something valuable to say. You can also attend TED talks, but the ticket prices sometimes reach $5,000, while TED videos can be watched online absolutely for free. Discover something new for you today with TED.


4. Two Foods

Every day we have to make choices between foods that are good and bad for us. However, it’s impossible to have the nutritional information of every product in the world memorized. This is where Two Foods comes in handy. This website lets you enter two products and receive a detailed comparison of their nutritional information, including their calorie content, carbs, fat and protein count, and other nutritional data.


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5. Mint.com

Being in full control of your finances is one of the requirements for being a successful adult, and arguably there is no better way to track your earnings and spending than Mint. This website allows you to enter information about your finances and analyse the way you use your money. Set a budget for different types of spending, see your expenses in the form of a convenient pie chart, and take control of your money.


6. Quora

There are hundreds of ways to look for information online, but if you have a very specific request or question that you feel only a professional can answer correctly, then go to Quora and post your question there. Additionally, you can go to Quora right now and read a couple of questions with answers that are already posted – chances are you’ll find something really interesting and valuable.


7. Epicurious

One of the main traits we are looking for in a partner is their ability to cook. If you want to double your chances of finding the right partner, or if you simply want to eat better and healthier, get Epicurious and receive access to thousands of recipes featuring foods you probably already have in your kitchen. Even if you don’t have the time to cook diverse meals every day, Epicurious can still help you organize your and your family’s eating by giving you quick and hassle-free meal ideas.


8. Duolingo

Knowing at least one foreign language besides English is a great way to make yourself more valuable as an employee, and if you’re ready to learn a new language but don’t want to waste money and time on classes, try Duolingo, a quick and effortless way to learn Spanish, German, French, Italian, and other widespread languages. First take a test to let the system know your level of knowledge, and then go through the fun learning program.


9. Noizio

If you have trouble sleeping, or simply want to relax and create a special atmosphere, use Noizio, and app available for iPhone. This app lets you create a custom blend of ambient sounds, including Thunderstorm, Deep Space, and Blue Whales. Add and subtract sounds as you need, and get a whole new experience while doing your regular things to the sound of Noizio.


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My name is Inna. I am a content writer with an English and literature background. As a mother of a 3-year old son, I love learning about children’s health and development, as well as finding new interesting toys and activities for my little one. I am also in love with all things tech and always keep my finger on the pulse of new smartphone and gadget releases. Another big passion of mine is beauty and makeup – every day I read about new trends in skin care and makeup and always look forward to trying them. Plus, I love pop culture, travelling, crafts, and anything that can make our daily life more thrilling!