A Foe Among Friends: How To Join A New Team?

No matter how confident you are trying to seem, the petty fears are already near! 

What if they won’t like me? How do I look? Will I cope with the responsibilities? Maybe I should get dressed differently? How to easily join the new team?


Of course, there is no need to held home gatherings in the workplace, but you don`t want to go to work as if you are going to war!

Listen to JiJi`s blog wise advice – and you quickly and painlessly join any team!



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How to change color of a white crow into black in the new team?

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Dress code

It is of course not so important how you are dressed, but we all know that people treat you according to your clothes!


The first thing that immediately strikes the eye is the appearance of a person. Even if at your previous work clothes were not of special attention, you still wanna think over your image.


Each team secretly has a dress code. For some, the best version would be jeans and a t-shirt, others consider acceptable only skirts and blouses. It is unlikely that you will look appropriate in a pink t-shirt and shorts next to ladies in business suits. It is better to find out in advance what style is preferable in your new company.

Don`t rush!

There are groups in which you can go into for months. Do not expect that you will be appreciated at once.


And, moreover, do not expect that they will trust you. But time in this question plays a key role and, anyway, you will become a member of the team. You just need to wait a bit.

Keep the rules

Each team has their own little traditions that you should keep.

Maybe your colleagues bring the cake on their birthday? Maybe bring each other the souvenirs from a vacation? Maybe they order pizza on Fridays?


The sooner you dive into the atmosphere, the easier you will understand how to quickly join the team.

Be on time

If it is difficult to adapt to the route for you, it is better to have some time “in stock”. So watch the clock!


Keep calm and be confident

You are already in this organization, now your task is to examine its internal structure to quickly adapt; remember those times when you felt relaxed, imagine something pleasant and periodically reset it in your imagination – it will help you to cope with the difficulties in the beginning.


Be yourself

After a couple of months they will get used to you. To any kind of you.


So, just admit that it is better to let them get used to real you, than to the mask you will have to wear for a very long time. Think about it!

Wolves immediately smell the stranger! Become a friend ASAP!

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Don’t forget about the rules of behavior. Don’t tell too much about yourself. Try not to gossip: intrigues in the workplace is not the best option.


Don`t be annoying

Excessive desire to please someone is always evident. It is therefore important not to behave compulsively. Want to help a colleague? Just help.


But don’t offer your help too often, otherwise they will realize that they can exploit you. And you won’t be able to refuse. A very common trap for all newcomers. Or they will just think of you as of annoying fly. In both cases, the prospect is unpleasant and it is better to avoid it.

Find information about traditions

If your organization celebrates the arrival of a new employee, you cannot ignore it. In addition, informal communication would be more comfortable.


Find a support

Try to find someone in the team who will tell you about the peculiarities of corporate culture. It might be useful for you to know whether you can dine in the workplace and whether you can check personal email from your computer.


It often happens that the person with whom you get to know first at the new job, becomes your good buddy. So, don’t be afraid to contact people. Just don’t be too obtrusive.

Choose suitable style of communication

Communicate with colleagues in their language. Use words and expressions of your new colleagues, subconsciously they’ll treat you “as their friend”. Ask questions. 

Bell Center

When a new employee supports experienced colleagues in work issues, it shows him as a good member of staff who focuses on a workflow.

Be interested

Everyone wants to be understood and heard. Today we are used to hide our desires and concerns, but sometimes you still want to share with someone. This does not mean that you have to learn from your peers all the secret things at once. A simple “How are you?” would be perfect. Don’t be afraid to be interested in other people.


Over time you will understand what every employee is interested in and how you can “catch” him. In the meantime – talk on common topics. There was a good concert yesterday – perfect, know where to go on holiday – wonderful. Use it all. Valuable information is always interesting!

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