Dark Lipstick – Do You Know How To Wear It?

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Many Ladies have alert attitude to dark and black lipstick in daily makeup. In some cases, such lipstick looks like you are goth or just vulgar. But in right composition dark lips can make anyone more vivid and romantic. Let’s talk about dark lipstick with JiJi! We have gathered several tricks that will only enhance your look and show the beauty of your lips with dark shades!

Choose the right shade
For some people rich black is suitable, but for most mixed tones and ombre effect are more favourable.


2 main rules of dark lipstick applying :
1. Wine and plum lip shades – just like any other bright lipstick – require the perfect tone around mouth. So do not be lazy to hide all the flaws, carefully work through each section of the face.

2. Before applying lipstick, or even better just before applying make-up, apply on lips moisturizing and healing balm. During the application of the tone il will absorb and fills all the cracks, and peeling will remove them.

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http://thefashiontag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/bold-dark-lips-makeup-trend-8.jpgNaturally, when you create a black accent on the lips, in the rest of the make-up is sufficient to apply a little blush and mascara. Particular attention should be paid to the tone of the skin, it has to be perfect.

Note – you should handled carefully  with dark lipstick  as possible. In particular, you need to protect yourself from product spreading. The best helper in this matter will be the lip pencil –  draw the contour of the lips, a little shade it with cotton swab on the center, and then cover with the chosen lipstick. In this case, it is important to match the color of a pencil lipstick or lip tint. To make coverage perfect, use a brush to apply lipstick, because dark lipstick often lay down unevenly. Also, before all application is best to moisten the lips with the help of the balm.

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As for make-up with a central focus in the form of black lipstick, particular attention is need to be paid to the tone of face. It should be perfect and clean with a minimal amount of contouring products. “Highlighting” skin is not prohibited. Experts say that the black, and indeed any dark lipstick perfectly looks with shades of silver, coffee or smoky eyes makeup, black liner and dark-blue shadows.

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How to apply dark lipstick :

#AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN #MAKEUP.......CHECK OUT MORE ON DAILY BLACK BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES ON FACEBOOK!!!: 1. Apply a lip exfoliator ( with soft, circular motions).

Note: dark lipstick is very capricious, so in order not to hack to death at the root of the perfect make-up, make sure that the skin on the lips is flat and smooth.

2. Using a special flat brush, apply concealer on the lips – it will help mask the natural color of the lips, that should not come into conflict with a shade of lipstick.

Note: You can lightly powder the lips, if desired, to make makeup lay better and last longer.

3. Close the lips and outline their outline with a pencil. First draw a checkmark on the upper lip, then in small strokes move towards the edges. Repeat this procedure on the lower lip. To achieve the highest level and clear lines, try to keep the pencil perpendicular.

How To Do Ombre Lip | How To Apply Lipstick And DIY Lipstick Tricks by Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/how-to-do-ombre-lip/: Note pencil should match lipstick or be slightly darker (no more than one tone). And perfectly sharpened.

4. After outlining the circuit, start sketching corners of mouth – this will allow to keep the lipstick  much longer.

Just another angle to show the eyes. All details are on the last couple pictures. Main details: Lipstick: Transylvania from @nyxcosmetics Eye shadow: @morphebrushes 35C palette Contour: @anastasiabeverlyhills contour powders in espresso and carob Blush:: 5. Use a small synthetic brush to apply lipstick, it is very important to comply with the pencil and do not to cross outline.

6. On top of the lipstick gently apply a gloss (it is important that it was the shade of lipstick) – this will increase the color of the lips. In addition, the light gloss texture makes lips soft and their color – deliberate uneven.

7. The final touch – use a flat brush and a bit of a corrector, walk on the skin around the lips (the most closely to the outside). This will make the contour of the lips even more expressive, sharp and contrast.

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My Dark Lip Routine!

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