Health Lifehacks: You Won’t Believe It, But It’s Working!

Sometimes you feel a physical pain and it`s not like it is fatal, but all your plans for the day or for the evening fly to the dogs!

Ayo Bello grabs a box of malaria medication at a pharmacy in Lagos, Nigeria. A pilot project by the Global Fund has helped private pharmacies and clinics sell top quality malaria drugs at wholesale prices in Nigeria and seven other African countries.

Lazy ones immediately take a pill – or use different ointments, but you are not one of them: you don`t wanna take the line of least resistance – and think that pain is a challenge! Well, you need to know your body secrets for that!


And we are glad to share them with you! 


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Toothbrush against acne?

If you don`t have a quality cosmetic product against acne – or you just don`t want to buy it – you can use one smart and tricky tip! All you will need are a quality toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.


Make a light massage using a brush on the surface of the skin in problem areas of the face. It is better to use natural toothpaste with chamomile, sage, or nettles.

An unpleasant smell of feet?

If someone hinted that your feet smell bad – that is a lesser problem, if you noticed it yourself and don`t have an opportunity to wash your feet and change socks and shoes – buy a bit of vodka!

feet smell

No, we are not talking about smelly feet party: simply wipe your feet with a cloth soaked in vodka – and the smell will disappear! By the way, the same way vodka works a variety of surfaces, removing all kinds of smells!

When you have a tickling in the throat:

Slightly scratch your ear. When the ear nerves are being stimulated, a muscle spasm in a throat occurs reflectively. It will ease a nasty itchy!


What to do with tired legs?

Tired, edematous legs is a common situation during the hot time. To relieve fatigue and reduce swelling, it`s not necessary to delve into the intricacies of cosmetic feet care – do it yourself by massaging them using a bottle with icy water!

legs ice 1

Just put it under the foot and roll with accurate movements. The cold fights tiredness immediately!

legs ice 2

How to fight the headache?

Got a headache? Don`t rush to take pills against the headache!

pencil headache

Give an effective response to meddlesome headache. All you need is an ordinary pencil wedged between your teeth! This method prevents accidental dense compression of jaws, which occurs in stress or pain, thus avoiding its increasing and bring some relief.

When you wanna pee, and there are no toilets:

Think about sex! This will solidly take control of your thoughts and it would be easier for you to overcome this difficulty. Moreover, the erection helps to be “patient” as well. Yes – it works only for men))

pee sex

How to fight the toothache?

Make a sip of an alcohol and hold it in your mouth. The affected area will be cleansed of germs and get numb. Also, Analgin is more effective than aspirin — to relieve toothache you will need a larger quantity of aspirin.

alcohol toothache

Another remedy for toothache: rub an ice cube on the back of your hand – in a V-shaped area between thumb and forefinger. Toothache will decrease by half: stimulation of nerves in this area of the hand blocks pain signals.

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Mouthwash can be very effective to fight blisters. Apply it on affected areas three times a day, and the pain will disappear.


When you have a heartburn at night:

Sleep on your left side. Studies have shown that in such a position people suffer from emissions of acid in the esophagus less.


Esophagus and stomach are positioned at a certain angle: when you’re lying on your right side, the stomach is higher, and when you are on your left side – lower, and “leaking” of acid is less likely.

Pain in feet?

You can fight it without any special products – just try massaging them using a tennis ball. This method allows relieving back pain as well.

tennis ball

For this put a tennis ball between the back and any hard surface (e.g. a wall), press hard and make circular movements for a few minutes.

When your shoes are uncomfortable to you:

Soak a towel in a vinegar, wrap your shoes and leave through the night. You`ll love the result!

vinegar shoes

Plaque on tooth surfaces?

You can fight this problem using special whitening products – or you can eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. When you chew them, they act like a toothbrush. Apples are the champions!


In addition to mechanical effect, they have special enzymes that allow cleaning teeth naturally. This method is actually extremely effective and deprived of negative side effects.


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