How To “Survive” In Big Family)

Big family with many children (more than 3) always differ from other families – people have own traditions, everyday routine and special ways to have fun. JiJi gathered pros and cons of life with big family. And, as you can guess, all pros can’t be counted)

So, let’s start!

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Food finishes instantly. You go to food market every day or every other day. The husband is always in shock, where all disappeared. I remember a story, heard from  mother of 9 children that  over 20 kg of oranges was eaten per day.

You can not always satisfy everyone. With one or even two children it is easy to find compromises so that everyone was always happy. And if there are three, four, five and more children? Always someone happy, someone not. And it’s not a tragedy, it is the norm. The main thing that sad face changed, and not always the same. it lacks hands. Sometimes you want to hug all the same time – but not always work out. And sometimes you wash one fanny, and another baby cries. And there is an urgent need to feel sorry for him, but the fanny isn’t already washed.

Time management
When you have one child, and he is sleeping – it’s your time. And when there are three of them, and one sleeps, and the two do not?  Or two sleeping and one is not? Whose is this time then?

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You must find opportunities to give personalized attention for each child. It is not easy, but the children do not require a lot of such attention – painting a little bit together, playing Lego, hugging.

There is no time to be lazy and depressed, because all the time you have of someone who needs talking care. This can be considered as plus and as minus.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/kenya-aids-village.jpgEven children who love each other sometimes quarrel and fight. Especially boys – and there are a lot reasons. It is difficult to endure, but who sawe brothers and sisters, who have never quarreled.

Different tastes – for food, for example. It is not always possible to please everyone with one dish. ownership of virtually all, try to take something special for yourself – from a piece of mango ending with new pencils. Who found, will use it. And someone will find it.

Noise. Quiet only at night when everyone is asleep – and not for long. Silence becomes so desirable.

But what are the pros of living in big family? Read next page! In general, there is no chance to get bored when there are so many people who love you. The more children, the more unpredictable the world is.

In many cases to deal with two children is simpler than with one, and with three – simpler than with two. They’re distracted by each other, play, build relationships with each other.

Much depends on the older child – junior will take an example from him. So many people say that it is enough to raise one, and then put on pipeline. Sometimes you teach one child somethng and he will teach others.

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It is natural. And many things are open only after the third child, and some only after the fifth (according to rumors).
All children are different. And in a large family have a chance to see it in practice, when the same parents grow completely different children. Less chance that you will realize your own ambitions and dreams using your children. socialization. From which you can not hide, can not pretend to be someone else. Children learn how to build relationships, undergo conflict, to put up, to express feelings by themselves. For real. It’s more like the realities of life, than an artificial collection of the same age children in kindergarten.

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There is always someone who can embrace you right now. Anytime and anywhere. And it’s great!

Mom will have to deal with herself and her internal development – otherwise she will not survive. She should to find a hobby, and change their attitude to herself. Both parents have to “grow” a sense of humor, which is very valuable. Again – because otherwise the life becomes terrible)

With the birth of children, you become more efficient – in less time you do more. The best teacher time management – are children.

Large families are taught patience and humility. Children are more mature, more independent, able to work and care, it is easier to create a family for them and they understand what to do with children. yes, I’ll highlight it separately. Children from large families understand what is the parenting, what to do with baby, how to play, how to treat. For them, the birth of their own child does not become a shock or some kind of punishment. They have already passed the school of a young soldier. And this is very important!

You can learn a lot – because every child has something interesting to her. You’ll become a pro in drawing and Lego, and learn how to sew and knit.

Parents finally have to delegate responsibilities – one or two children can be fully serviceable. But when they are three or four, we have to look for other solutions to the problem.

According to JiJi observations, mothers of large families are always very versatile and incredibly beautiful – both inside and outside. yes, it’s not much more expensive than raising 1-2 children just another management (moving things from one to another, much used intensively and collectively, and excess refused fairly easy).

More joy, positive emotions and inspiration. Each child makes a contribution to this great cause.
Children reveal the world anew. Every time. Every child. And it’s amazing.

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In proportion to the large family – or even exponentially increase the amount of love and happiness. As well as with JiJi!

It will not be boring. Guaranteed. a large family, children do not suffer from overprotective parents once to control them, to watch them totally. In they have more freedom and independence.

Children up to five years naturally radiate happiness. Therefore, the first five years in the house is so much happiness . and Dad are not just a couple, but become truly native people. The more children they have, the stronger their emotional and spiritual intimacy, the better relationship, the more they love.

Increases faith in God. You have to believe that someone guard your children and preserves them, otherwise you just go crazy from anxiety and the inability to be everywhere at once.


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