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It’s Not Alive, But… The Latest Unique Technologies!

Lying on your sofa, you command your robo-vacuum-cleaner to clean better in that corner… SIRI has gone too far – she knows the color of panties you wear on Sunday… The blind people won`t be able to see, but they are able to read, putting FingerReader ring on their finger. And tomorrow… tomorrow you will fuel your car with Brewtroleum “beer” and go to meet your girlfriend`s parents!


The world is not standing still!



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World, please, shut up!

Sometimes specific sounds are really irritating – somebody`s coughing, baby`s cry, sound of a drill. But you can`t always wear those ear-phones with music that`s playing to damp all this terrible things!

Here 1

Here 3

Here 2

Here 4

Finally, there is a rescue! Using the “bionic ears” you can create personal audio reality right in the app for your smartphone, where you’ll hear everything except the sound you don`t wanna hear.

Here 5

Here 6

Here 7

For example, it helps the musicians to concentrate on music during the concert and not on the other noises in the hall, or to talk on the mobile phone without hearing the noise around. The device is synchronized with your smartphone and has a function of regular headphones.


Virtual Apple Pencil “paintbrush and canvas» give further opportunities to artists, designers and architects!

Apple Pencil 1

Apple Pencil 3

Apple Pencil 4

Apple Pencil 8

Their new creation allows you to draw at any angle and handle the pressure. In general, there is nothing supernatural in that. But imagine – your creation drawn with pencil is immediately digitized! Apple Pencil already beats sales records in the United States. The device works with the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil 7

Apple Pencil 6

Apple Pencil 5

Apple Pencil 2

Glutenfree zone

Shirin Yates, a creator of unique appliance Nima, facilitated life to allergic people and babies` moms. Thanks to this sensor, you can find out in two minutes whether there is a gluten in a dish or a drink. Invention promises to become a sensation in the area of health products.

nima gluten tester 5

nima gluten tester 4

nima gluten tester 7

It works like this: product particles are placed into the cartridge and after 120 seconds the display shows a beaming smile that indicates the absence of gluten, or a sad muzzle, which confirms its presence!

nima gluten tester 3

nima gluten tester 2

nima gluten tester 1

nima gluten tester 6

 Lucid dreaming is under control!

Everyone wants to see bright, good dreams: someone want to see a naked Monica Bellucci, and someone – a new product from Burger King. And if you could control your dreams – it would be a lot more interesting to sleep!


New development of DreamStalker makes lucid dreaming possible.




DreamStalker 5

A sleeping mask has electronic sensors that capture the movements of the eyeballs and make an audible or visual signal, making it clear that a person is seeing a dream at this point.

DreamStalker 6

Remember how a wakeup call or someone’s voice became a natural part of your sleep. This is how DreamStalker works: when you’re starting to dream, a lightbulb in the mask lights up (or you hear a sound) and thus gives a hint to the brain. Brain instantly processes this information and sends it directly into the dream. A person notices these hints through small changes in a sleep plot.

DreamStalker 7

What’s your age again??

Microsoft provides service How-Old.net, which determines the age and gender of the person on the photo. To use the service, you should download the photo of a person or make a new one.


The program needs just a few seconds to analyze the picture and give a version of the alleged age and gender. If there is a crowd on the photo, it`s not a problem – How-Old.net will recognize them all!

How-Old.net 1

How-Old.net 2

How-Old.net 3

How-Old.net 4

The developers did not anticipate that inviting a couple hundred people, over 35 thousand people would visit their site! More than 15 thousand people indicated that they like the novelty, and the number of likes exceeded 20 thousand!

How-Old.net 5

How-Old.net 7

How-Old.net 6

Of course, sometimes the service is ve-e-ery funny wrong!

 You’re sleeping – it’s watching you

This is a real salvation for those who suffer from sleep disorders.

ZZZ checker 1

ZZZ checker 3

The appliance records all the sounds that a man makes while sleeping (the sound activation), as well as the movements of the sleeper (coups on the other side, etc.). Thanks to this, the owner of the device will be able to identify the dependence of sleep quality from various factors: temperature, late/early sleep etc. Then human movements and sounds of a person throughout the sleep are displayed in the form of diagrams on LCD.

ZZZ checker 2

ZZZ checker 4

Don’t touch my pen – it’s a smartphone charger!

A miniature standalone smartphone charger Power Pen in a ballpoint pen at the same time is a stylus for a tablet.

Power Pen 1

Power Pen 2

Power Pen 5

How often do you find yourself in a situation when you need to make a call, but your phone is out of charge? With this pen you won’t go through anything like this anymore! Using this pen you can recharge mobile phones by 5 different world brands.

Power Pen 3

Power Pen 4


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