Must-Have Free Apps For Your iPhone

So, you’ve finally gotten the iPhone you’ve always dreamed of. Is it the iconic iPhone 5S, the reliable iPhone 4S, the stunning iPhone 6 Plus, or did you get really lucky and bought the latest and greatest iPhone 6S? No matter which one you own now, the first thing any iPhone owner should do is visit the App store and download the necessary apps. There are thousands of useful and fun apps, and many of them cost money, so if you want to cut your expenses, take a look at this list of cool and free iPhone apps!

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Camera and phone apps



Today it’s hard to find an internet user who has never heard about Instagram, a popular photo sharing app. With the variety of filters and editing tools you can make your photos look the way you want them to, and then show them to your close circle of friends or to the whole world.

[appbox appstore id389801252]


Like Instagram, this app offers a wide range of photo effects and filters to use on your photos. The app itself is free, but if you want more effects and tools, you can download them via in-app purchases. Photos edited with VSCO Cam can be easily shared with anyone you want.

[appbox appstore id588013838]


If you’re taking photos with your iPhone every day and need a place to store them, Flickr is your perfect option. The app can be downloaded for free, and each user gets a free 1 TB storage account. Just imagine how many of your photos will fit in there! Flickr also allows you to edit and tweak photos using multiple editing tools and filters.

[appbox appstore id328407587]

Chat and messaging apps



This app was famously bought by Facebook but remained free to download and use. If you send a lot of messages or have friends and family abroad, WhatsApp is one of the most affordable options available today – the only thing you should pay for is calls out of Nigeria.

[appbox appstore id310633997]


Another popular chatting and calling app, Viber offers largely the same functionality as WhatsApp, so it’s more a question of preference and habit, and, of course, the question of which app your friends and family prefer to use. Send texts, make calls, have group chats, and do it all for free.

[appbox appstore id382617920]

Facebook Messenger

If you’re always on Facebook and want to be able to exchange messages with your Facebook friends wherever you are, get this message and talk to your online friends anytime you want. Here you can also exchange voice messages and use chat stickers.

[appbox appstore id454638411]

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There is no video service more popular than YouTube, and with their app you get the complete functionality: access to the complete collection of videos, your subscriptions, comments, and an ability to upload your own videos.

[appbox appstore id544007664]


With Netflix now being available in Nigeria, you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies on your iPhone using this app. The app itself is free, but you need to pay $7.99/month for a subscription, which allows you to watch shows using any device, including your smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

[appbox appstore id363590051]


If you’re doing any kind of sports – running, gym training, biking, etc – this app is a must-have for tracking your progress and daily data. You can use it to calculate distances, burned calories, duration of the training, and use it in a number of other health and fitness-related ways.

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Other apps


Find My iPhone

This app should probably be the first one you ever download, especially if you have one more Apple device that run under the same iCloud account. With the help of this app you can instantly find out the location of your device in case you can’t find it. Find My iPhone is also great for locating your family members who use Apple devices.


Sure, iPhone has a built-in Safari browser, but a lot of users prefer Google Chrome to Safari in terms of speed and stability. If you browse the internet from your phone a lot and want to experience maximum comfort when it comes to browsing, Chrome and its wide range of additional features should be your top choice.

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Video chats are a popular way to talking to your family and friends, and while iPhone’s Facetime works fine, sometimes you need to talk to someone who doesn’t have an Apple device, and that’s where Skype comes in handy. Free calls, chats, and video chats between Skype users are what makes this app so popular!

[appbox appstore id304878510]

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