Nigeria’s Big Boy: Most Effective Penis Enlargement Methods

Don`t you deny that once you saw an advertisement of penis enlargement product on the last pages of men’s magazine – with a threatening type of device and a huge signature: “Enlarge your penis on ? centimeters!” – the thought “maybe I should try?” firmly stuck in your head!


Just agree – that is so tempting to cream the nature, which, perhaps, wasn`t very kind to you in due time! But can this desire be fulfilled – and how effective are all those products??


Read – and make your own conclusions!


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What effective methods of penis enlargement are out there?

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Vacuum pump

Classics of penis enlargement!

Put it to a cylinder attached to an air pump. The vacuum helps to fill penis with blood, erecting it and gradually increasing it in size. Then, you put a special ring on your penis to prevent the backflow of a blood.

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Such pumps are also used for sexual dysfunction treatment. But the enlargement effect doesn`t last long. As soon as you take off the ring, penis begins to gradually return to normal size.


Possible risks include temporary impotence, abscesses, bruising, blood vessels damage. Also, the skin loses its natural color and becomes thinner. So, the ring can be worn for a maximum of 20-30 minutes, because after this time the damage of tissue may begin.



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Manual methods

There is a nice Arabic method “Dzelk”: take your penis on the base with your thumb and forefinger and run over it intensely up to the head. Make that every day for those great and long 30 minutes – however, not allowing yourself to have an orgasm.


The method relies on the fact that the blood that fills the cavernous body during exercise sort of “improves” them. As a result, they become bigger and able to take more blood. And there is no limit to perfection.

The real difficulty lies in the fact that it is better to make these exercises on a penis without erection. So you will need some self-discipline, a lot of free time and the door that locks.

Warmth and massage can improve the results. Warming up will help you restore problems with nerves and sensitivity that may arise as a result of the above-mentioned technique.

What other methods of penis enlargement do exist?

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This technique means wearing a special device on penis, which stretches it, sometimes you need to wear this device 8 hours per day, using the weighting.


But remember: the penis is not a muscle or a bone that in an effort to reverse the burden of stretching, activates the processes of cell division. Penis is more like a gum of superior quality – it can take years to stretch and fix it.And think: what will you do if the associative thinking at the sight of weights, pins, bolts (and at the sight of a penis as well) will have a bad impact on your psychological state?

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The length of a penis and the excess weight

There is one way of penis enlargement that is recommended by some physicians – taking effective weight-loss products. Yes, it does sound unserious, but it can help.


“Many of my patients, who had complains about a small penis, had an excess weight,” says Dr Boyle (Massachusetts general hospital). Penises of normal size look small, when the whole body is huge. So, slimming visually makes penis longer and larger.


The talks about medical penis enlargement methods cause more laughter than interest today. This does not mean, however, that the drugs do not help.

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The ingredients of most supplements for penis enlargement that are available in the market today, contain vitamin E, vitamin B3, hawthorn, extract from the leaves of the Damiana herb, South American Herb Murat-puama, Ginkgo extract, extract of Korean Red Ginseng root, tribullus-katuabu, extract of the palm fruits, inosine, oat crumb, cayenne pepper, Dodder seeds, Biloba herb and other biological substances.

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Pills for penis enlargement bring to work the mechanisms that weren`t turned on in the childhood. Naturally, the body starts catching up for lost time, but this is hardly only the action of pills, powders, liquids and other products.

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Anyway, all the penis enlargement methods have side effects, even operations at cutting-edge aesthetic medicine clinics!




We therefore advise you not to bother, standing with a ruler, but to concentrate on natural products for prolonging sexual intercourse: who will think of how many centimeters you got when you want it for more than an hour and a half in a row? Certainly not your girlfriend, who will be in seventh heaven at this point!


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