Scholarships For Nigerian Students, 2016

Lately we can observe a great outburst in number of available grants and scholarships for Nigerian students. These financial aids in various organizations and universities are offered to give an elevation to Nigerian Students’ higher education.

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Every year, more and more students of Nigeria choose to go abroad for advancement of their education. UK is one of the most favorite among prominent international destinations as USA, Canada, etc. for Nigerian students.


Diverse scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, master, PhD and postdoctoral programs for Nigerian students. The following listing will be a great help for Nigerian students to get benefited and move towards their bright future.

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New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

Scholarship Provider: New Zealand Government.

New Zealand university 4

New Zealand university 5

New Zealand university 2

Eligible Students: Applicants must be applying for direct entry to a Masters or PhD program at a New Zealand university.

Courses: Scholarships are available for pursuing Master’s or PhD studies in New Zealand.

Award Details: The entitlements of the Scholarship include full tuition fees, a living allowance (paid fortnightly), an establishment allowance, medical and travel insurance, travel between applicants home country.

The University offers a variety of courses: from IT specializations to teaching professions.

Application Deadline: Each Nominating Agency has been asked to set the closing date for applications for their country.

New Zealand university 7

Wellington New Zealand, 2006

New Zealand university 3

Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship

Scholarship Provider: University of Essex, United Kingdom.

University of Essex, United Kingdom 8

University of Essex, United Kingdom 1

University of Essex, United Kingdom 7

University of Essex, United Kingdom 5

University of Essex, United Kingdom 6

Eligible Students: Students of Bangladesh, Canada, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

Courses: Master’s Degree Program.

Award Details: If you’re an international student, took your undergraduate degree overseas and are self-funding your postgraduate studies.

The University offers all kinds of economical, technological, humanitarian specializations.

Application Deadline: 30 September 2016.

University of Essex, United Kingdom 4

University of Essex, United Kingdom 3

University of Essex, United Kingdom 2

Country-specific Scholarships for Masters Students at Newcastle University in UK, 2016

Scholarship Provider: Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

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Newcastle University, United Kingdom 4


Newcastle University, United Kingdom 3

Newcastle University, United Kingdom 5

Eligible Students: Students of ASEA, Brazil, China, Turkey, East Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Ghana, North America, Jordan, Egypt or Lebanon, East Asia and India.

Courses: Masters Degree Program.

Award Details: Scholarship value for Nigerians is £5,000 payable towards the first year of tuition fees.

No matter, is it accountant you are going to be, or an engineer, – here you will find a suitable course.
Application Deadline: 30 June 2016.

Newcastle University, United Kingdom 7

nus green impact awards 2013-14 in the Trinity Chapel De Montfort University leicester


 Newcastle University Nigeria Postgraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Provider: Newcastle University, UK.

New 1

New 2

New 4

Eligible Students: Applicants must have a Second Class Upper degree or higher from a recognized Nigerian University.

Courses: Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate master’s degree programs.

Award Details: The full scholarship covers: £5,000 payable towards the first year of tuition fees.

Application Deadline: 30th June 2016.

New 3

New 5

New 6

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Nigeria Merit Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Sheffield

Scholarship Provider: University of Sheffield, UK

University of Sheffield, UK 1

University of Sheffield, UK 2

University of Sheffield, UK 5

University of Sheffield, UK 3

Eligible Students: To be eligible for the Nigeria Merit Postgraduate Scholarships 2016 (50% tuition fee discount), applicants must be self-funding and classed as ‘overseas’ for fee purposes.

Courses: Scholarships are available for postgraduate taught masters program.

Award Details: Each scholarship is worth 50% tuition fee discount of your postgraduate taught masters degree tuition fee per year, for one year of study.

Do you have a dream to become a marketer, or maybe HR-specialist?

Application Deadline: 24 June, 2016.

University of Sheffield, UK 4

University of Sheffield, UK 6

University of Sheffield, UK 7

University of Sheffield, UK 8

University of Sheffield, UK 10

Business School International Scholarships for India, Kenya, Nigeria and Vietnam

Scholarship Provider: Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom.

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 1

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 2

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 4

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 3

Eligible Students: Students of India, Kenya, Nigeria and Vietnam.

Courses: Undergraduate Program.

Award Details: Student will receive an award of £2,500 per year for each standard year of study towards the cost of fees.

Application Deadline 31 May, 2016.

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 5

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 10

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 6

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 7

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 8

Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom 9

Senior Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine for Developing Countries

Scholarship Provider: Welcome Trust.

Welcome 1

Welcome 2

Welcome 3

Eligible Students: Developing countries students including Nigeria can apply for this scholarship.

Courses: Research program.

Award Details: Fellowships are for up to five years in the first instance and provide support.

that includes a basic salary for the fellow, research expenses.

The scholarship provides courses for future health-care professionals.

Application Deadline: 24 May 2016, 27 July 2016, 26 February 2016.

Welcome 6

Ref: 10946-30-1 (LAB) Title: The Gibbs Building, Wellcome Trust HQ, London Architect: Michael Hopkins & Partners


Welcome 4

Biotechnology and Management International Scholarship

Scholarship Provider: University of Glasgow, UK.

University of Glasgow, UK 2

University of Glasgow, UK 4

University of Glasgow, UK 5
University of Glasgow, UK 8

Eligible Students: To be eligible, applicants must hold a conditional or unconditional offer for the MSc Biotechnology.

Courses: Scholarship is available for pursuing MSc program.

Award Details: The scholarship will comprise £10,000.

Application Deadline: 1st May, 2016.

University of Glasgow, UK 7

University of Glasgow, UK 1

University of Glasgow, UK 3

University of Glasgow, UK 6


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