Small Kitchen? No Problem!

We all dream of getting our dream apartment or house, but the truth is that it’s virtually impossible to find a perfect property. There is always going to be something you would like to change – to add a pool, to build a second floor, to move the furniture around the room. One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is the size of their kitchen – kitchens that are too small are often uncomfortable to use. If you’ve just bought a house with a small kitchen, or if you want to take the most out of the kitchen in your apartment, check out our tips.

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Clean as you go

This is one of the most important piece of advice we could give to owners of small kitchens. With small spaces it’s very easy to turn them into cluttered, messy areas, and cleaning the whole kitchen is a tedious task that can take you a few days. The secret to always having a clean kitchen is to clean it on the go.


If you’ve ever cooked for a large family or a crowded party, you probably already know how to prevent the kitchen from becoming too messy. You just put away the foods you no longer need, pack away the used utensils, and wash dishes in small batches to avoid filling the sink with dozens of dishes. Employ the same cleaning principles for everything you do in your kitchen, and you will notice how instantly cleaner the kitchen space will seem to you.

Utilize every corner

With large spaces it’s easy to unleash your inner designer and put the appliances and furniture any way you want. However, smaller kitchens force you to make some changes. If you want to make the most out of your tiny kitchen, make sure to use the space you have effectively. This includes utilizing every corner and surface in the area.


Make plans

If you often hold dinner parties, or simply cook for your large family every day, the key to successfully owning a tiny kitchen is to plan your kitchen time carefully. For example, when you cook dinner, don’t rely too heavily on one kitchen appliance – for example, your oven. If you want to cook three dishes in the oven that can only accommodate one pot at a time, you risk either leaving your guests hungry, or serving them cold food.


These situations can usually be avoided by implementing different cooking techniques in your preparations for dinner. First, make sure to utilize all equipment you have: while a roast chicken is being cooked in the oven, prepare mashed potatoes on the stovetop. Second, feel free to use your microwave oven – cook a batch of food in the oven, then put another batch into the oven, and when the dinner needs to be served, simply reheat the first batch and serve the whole meal together.

Use vertical storage

Storage is one of the most annoying problems for people with small kitchens. After some time passes, you learn to cook efficiently and quickly in your tiny kitchen, but when it comes to storage, even experienced homeowners can be at loss. If you’re running out of space in your kitchen, simply store your appliances and utensils vertically.

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First, get yourself a couple of tall kitchen cabinets that can be used to store large appliances and extra dishes. Second, put shelves all around the kitchen walls – they are extremely versatile and can accommodate your cutlery, spices, sauces, and any additional items you need in your cooking. Third, hang a pot rack right above the kitchen sink, so that all of your pots and frying pans could be easily accessed but didn’t clutter the already small kitchen space.

Go for white

Now you know how to make your kitchen comfortable and efficient to work in, but what about improving its appearance? If you want your small kitchen to look bigger, use white colour when decorating this room. White walls, cabinets, furniture, kitchen appliances, and ceiling, with a splash of colour in the shape of a dark floor and bright decor pieces will liven up your kitchen and make it appear larger than it actually is.


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